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HERE IS YOUR principle-centered,TODAY'sl ChangeMaker (TCM) page, Read on!

Since lives are changing in THIS generation

and you are TODAY's ChangeMakerTM,

It's time to 

The CONCEPT is this:
As you pursue your FAMILY TREE QUEST – your quest to strengthen self and family --
consider choosing to  RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to improve your life).
If your decisions are made based on time-tested, universal laws or principles,
and you act upon that decision, the result will be positive—for you,
and the possibility is there for others.  

See what our
TODAY's ChangeMaker
TM Specialists
have to offer you. 

Committed to helping YOU gain
the information and resources YOU need to help change lives in THIS generation.

Let's begin!

Carolyn Calton

Carolyn Calton facilitates healing from the effects of extreme stress, sorrow and dysfunction in family lines by inspiring positive generational change.  Committed to staying spiritually-centered while also addressing temporal aspects of daily living, she stays in touch with information that provides improved health, harmonious relationships and financial freedom.  She regenerates the hope that EVERY person holds within themselves the power heal and to create a bright and beautiful future for their family.  Using a family tree focus, she helps people live beyond their overwhelming personal pain and "victim stories" as they embrace a fully authentic, empowered life.  She ignites a sense of extraordinary family purpose in individuals as they glean wisdom from the past, live mindfully in the present and prepare confidently for the future.  For more information about her CDs, eBooks, telecalls and other offers,  click here.

Ronald A. Newsom, Ph.D. (Ron), founder of The Liahona Light Academy.

Understanding the need for both direction (a compass) as well as light to see our way in the world, Dr. Newsom references the name “Liahona” – which was an ancient compass that helped people navigate through unknown territory.  His teachings adhere to basic universal truths and principles that are found in the Holy Scriptures and other great philosophies of the world. 

Affectionately called “Ron” by his friends and clients, he is dedicated to facilitating in individuals the rediscovery of their true identity. Desiring to help others in their quest for happiness, he enthusiastically teaches, develops and promotes effective relationship skills which help people get safely out of comfort zones so they can move on to new beginnings.  He is especially passionate about helping people whose addictive behaviors have negatively impacted their own lives and the lives of their family members.  Click here for more information.


To access TODAY's ChangeMaker™
Personal Growth Products. CLICK HERE.

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Instead of being paralyzed by poor relationships and blighted hopes,

tap into the power of your positive influence.

Equip yourself with TODAY's ChangeMaker  (TCM) tools and resources

to access the support you need to make Quantum Leaps in your progress.



Remember to watch for our GROWING list of

TODAY's ChangeMakers (TCM) Specialists and Products. 

  Maximize Your Personal Growth.


 Visit our site often.   



Your FAMILY TREE QUEST continues.

Ready, Set, GROW.


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