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was founded by Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Calton,
owner of
Charlie Ink Productions and Publications. 



Owner, Carolyn Calton, worked as a professional calligrapher for over 20 years. Writing names on family tree charts was a favorite part of her work.  Many potential clients yearned to have their own beautiful family tree chart to display in their home, but expressed sadness that the lineage of their family was “broken” due to divorce.  They felt they could not have a framed family tree to display in their home. Their disappointment and distress was something Carolyn never forgot.  As years went by, Carolyn designed a two-generation tree, suitable for framing, just to meet that need.  Her tree included a line on which to write parent(s) names and a space for their children's names.  She took delight in the fact that, now, everyone could have a framed family tree in their home—even single parents. 

After a series of three car accidents, Carolyn’s ability to write in calligraphy was compromised.  Time was needed to adjust to the lingering physical effects of the accidents.  While raising her five children, a commitment to home and family continued to burn deep in her heart. Realizing that self-improvement was continuously needed to keep up with ongoing challenges, she learned, through experience, that principle-centered living led to happiness--in spite of difficulties.

Still desiring to contribute in a meaningful way to those around her, Carolyn pursued the idea of publishing a website.  Family Tree Quest is the result.  It was, to her, a perfect blend of those things she valued most—principle-centered living, home and family (which includes living family members as well as those who have passed on and "graduated" from this life on earth).  Knowing that we can all glean wisdom from the past (rather than stay stuck in it), live mindfully and be actively aware in the present, and prepare confidently for the future, the Family Tree Quest website was designed to provide principle-centered encouragement, inspiration, products and services to those who desire to change their lives (for the better) in THIS generation.  Linking the past, present, and future in this way, strengthens the entire family tree through the power of personal influence.

Using the Internet persona, Family Tree Gal, Carolyn has a motto. "In every home, frame a family tree to strengthen your posterity."  As you can tell, she would be delighted to see a framed family tree hanging in every home.  She knows that in spite of the past, every family tree everywhere, has the potential of a bright and beautiful future!

It is hoped YOU will find something of value in your visit to this website.  We hope you will return again and again.


Charlie Ink Productions and Publications

A personal note from Carolyn:  You may have wondered why the business name is Charlie Ink.  Well, "Charlie" was a nickname given me when I was about twelve or thirteen years old.  When a friend of mine learned that "Carolyn" was a feminine form of the name Charles, I was nicknamed "Charlie".  The nickname didn't stick, but "Charlie" seems to suit me when I think of myself as creative and energetic (which is not always the case). "Ink" was chosen as a "play on words", sounding like the abbreviation Inc. (standing for Incorporated).  Now that you know I was a calligrapher for so many years (using ink to write beautiful pen strokes), the mystery of the name has now been entirely revealed.

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