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Thank your for reading more.
Here's what you need to know.

Personal or family patterns you need to know about
that develop in distressed or disrupted families
may be tripping you up in ways you do not see.

These sometimes oh-so-subtle patterns
can become inter-generational.
They may even be
spoiling your present-moment relationships
or leave you wondering why
you’re repeating history in new relationships.

You certainly wouldn’t want to repeat the patterns,
yet you only feel their effects
and have no idea what to do instead.

Our ReNEW YOU Class Trainings and
Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles
light the way to new understanding.

If you still feel stuck and unhappy
and you’re tired of creating the same results,
find out what's missing!

We clearly show you what to do
instead of what’s not working now

With new perspective and sustainable solutions 
that lead to personal empowerment,
you'll be able to stop dysfunction in it's tracks
in order to create a better future 
for yourself, your family and family line.
We provide new insight and 
tools that will help you
break the chains that keep you stuck,
uncertain or confused.

Embrace with certainty
the secure framework for creating
your own brighter and happier future-
personally, in relationships and in your family line.

 Turn stress, anxious-thinking, anger and dysfunction
to hope, direction, happiness and peace

* Get safely out of comfort zones

* Move on to fresh, daily beginnings

* Release Core Stress

* Overcome reactive behaviors

* Develop lasting relationships

* Communicate more effectively

* Understand yourself and others

* Build interpersonal relationship skills

Don't let the sadness, pain or negative effects of
divorce, mistreatment, addiction or abuse
keep rippling forward.

Have the courage and find the strength to
create the change that changes everything!
Check out our ReNEW YOU Class Trainings and
Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles today.

How are you feeling?

Does what you know intellectually not match up
with what you feel at the core of yourself?

Have you ever felt permanently
crippled or paralyzed emotionally
by a life event or events?

Have you experienced confusion
within your thoughts and feelings,
coupled with reactive behaviors?

If you’ve experienced great loss,
physically, emotionally or spiritually,
you may be sensing incredible emptiness. 
Confusion ensues, which can be fed
by incredible feelings of lingering regret
or hopelessness.

You may fear that this emptiness
will go on and on and on forever. 

You may come to think you’re not going to have an answer
to the questions you yearn for in your soul.

You may feel emotionally crippled, stuck,
not comfortable in your own skin, or eternally flawed. 

Your sense of self, your personhood, your identity is diminished
 and often comes into question, sometimes leaving you in despair. 

Well, help is on it's way.

Our ReNEW YOU Class Trainings and
Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles
are specially designed to help you. 

Is it time for a change?

Do you feel lost in a sea of uncertainty,
like you’re wandering without hope, direction or purpose?

Have you never been taught
what you sense you need to know? 

Do you long to hear something
that will make sense of the chaos in your mind and
teach you what you really need to know
in order to sustain lasting happiness.

Do you want to know HOW
to put all the pieces
of your life's puzzle together?

Let us help with the foundational portion of your life’s puzzle
so you can begin to
make sense of all the other pieces.

Our ReNEW YOU Class Trainings
and JOYful Breakthrough Membership Circles provide
answers to your dilemmas, coaching and small group connections, 
so you can end the isolation of feeling alone 
in your journey to create positive change. 

We're glad you're here.

Your choices today affect generations!

By occupying your unique position on your family tree,
YOU have a role in your family
and it ISN’t to fit in to destructive or
dysfunctional patterns and perpetuate them.

I invite you to ReNEW your sense of direction and purpose by
becoming an active, revitalized part of

The Today’s ChangeMaker Phenomenon.

We are a worldwide movement of
sincere, determined men and women

who’ve experienced the ripple effects of divorce,
mistreatment, addiction or abuse.
We’re committed to creating positive change
in ourselves, our families and family lines—
in spite of any negative circumstances in our past.

We are committed to becoming the best we can be by
TURNing heartache to happiness and
TURNing conflict to safe connection
and TURNing pain into purpose within ourselves
and in our most meaningful relationships. 
As we do so, we find joy in our present moments
and we experience more happiness and peace of mind
while filling our highest priorities with full purpose of heart.

Leave your name at the top right of this page to
JOIN the Quest to

  Turn your pain into purpose.

  Follow your desires to help, not hurt, yourself and others.

  Elevate your unproductive or destructive
thought patterns, habit pattern and family patterns.

  Live a HAPPIER life today.

   Leave your life story as good or better than you found it.

We’ll stay in touch,
and you’ll receive notifications of
upcoming free videos and telecalls,
classes, support and more.

Lives ARE changing in THIS generation.

YOU may be the very person
your family line has been waiting for!

RISE above your doubt, uncertainty and fear,
AND SHINE the light of your positive influence
by clicking here to check out our classes today. 

Come as you are.  We’re waiting for you.

With loving encouragement
and a sincere willingness
to support you in your journey,
we’re waiting for you! 

Let's all progress together.

Yours is the spark
that lights the power of generations. 

We believe in YOU!

Won’t you join us?
When you officially JOIN THE QUEST
to help, and not hurt, yourself and others
by leaving your name and email at the top, right of this page,
we can stay in touch.

Disclaimer:  Information on this site is for informational, educational purposes only.
Visitors to the site take full responsibility for the application of information.

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