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We are a worldwide movement of sincere,
determined men and women
who’ve experienced the disruptive ripple effects of
divorce, mistreatment, addiction or abuse
in ourselves or anywhere in our family or family lines.
We’re committed to creating positive change --
in spite of any negative circumstances in our past.

The Three Guiding Purposes of TODAY’s ChangeMakers

The TODAY’s ChangeMaker Commitment


As part of the TODAY’s ChangeMaker Phenomenon
I accept my best efforts, however faltering, 
as I make present-moment choices to rise
to the best that is in me while I
TURN heartache to happiness,
TURN conflict to connection
and TURN pain into purpose
within myself and in
my most meaningful relationships.

By doing so, I find joy in my present moments
and experience increased happiness
and peace of mind
while filling my highest priorities
with full purpose of heart.
I turn stress, anxious-thinking,
anger and dysfunction to
hope, direction, happiness and peace.

I am committed to doing my very best
to create positive change
in myself, my family and my family lines.
I invite others to do the same.

To leave your life story as good or better than you found it,
join the TODAY's ChangeMaker Phenomenon.
By JOINING the QUEST to help, and not hurt, yourself and others.  Submit your name and email
on the form at the top right of this page
You'll receive notifications of what we're doing,
so you can decide for yourself!

To print out your own copy of the
TODAY's ChangeMaker Purpose and Commitment,

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