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Inspiring positive change in family lines.

Is there stress, sorrow or dysfunction
hidden in the bran
ches of your Family Tree?

Could you use a little help
turning heartache to healing and happiness
in yourself, your family and family lines?
Have you experienced adult or childhood
relationship distress or trauma--
which can include experiencing the effects of divorce
somewhere in your family line?

Are you utterly frustrated or deeply discouraged
as a result of stress, sorrow or dysfunction
in your family relationships now or in your family of origin?

Do you want to strengthen the generations 
and put an end to destructive,
emotionally painful patterns and behaviors
in yourself and your family?

You’ve come to the right place!

I educate and coach men and women
who’ve experienced the ripple effects of
divorce, mistreatment, addiction and/or abuse

If you’ve experienced great loss,
physically, emotionally or spiritually,
you may be sensing incredible emptiness. 
Confusion ensues, which can be fed
by incredible feelings of lingering regret
or hopelessness.

Is it time for a change?

Your choices today affect generations!

By occupying your unique position on your family tree,
YOU have a role in your family
and it ISN’T to fit in to destructive or
dysfunctional patterns and perpetuate them.

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I invite you to ReNEW your sense of direction and purpose by
becoming an active, revitalized part of

The Today’s ChangeMaker Phenomenon.

We are a worldwide movement of
sincere, determined men and women

who’ve experienced the ripple effects of divorce,
mistreatment, addiction or abuse
in ourselves, our family or family lines.
We’re committed to creating positive, sustainable change
in spite of any negative circumstances in our past.

We are committed to becoming the best we can be by
TURNing heartache to happiness and
TURNing conflict to safe connection
and TURNing pain into purpose within ourselves
and in our most meaningful relationships. 
As we do so, we find joy in our present moments
and we experience more happiness and peace of mind
while filling our highest priorities with full purpose of heart.

When you officially JOIN THE QUEST
to help, and not hurt, yourself and others
by leaving your name and email at the top, right of this page,
we can stay in touch.

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“As we value our history, it becomes clear how we can become our best, most happy and capable selves.  
We learn what personal character traits contribute to strong, safe, secure family relationships, and,
in contrast, we can see what detracts from and destroys them.  
This knowledge helps us develop a healthy concern about
contributing positively to the future of our own family line.
~Family Tree Gal, Carolyn



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