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Inspiring positive change in family lines.

If you want to help yourself and others, heal relationships and grow in spite of challenges,

YOU are one of  


and, whether you know it or not, TODAY's ChangeMaker™ is a
because YOU are the one who is perfectly positioned in your family line
to create positive change.

TODAY's ChangeMakers, from all parts of the world, are

to find time-tested, principle centered solutions 
to strengthen themselves, their homes and families in this generation.

By joining the Family Tree Quest, you become one of TODAY's ChangeMakers™,
and you are invited to heal yourself and heal your family by:

 * Answering nagging questions about where you came from and who you came from.
* Gaining an understanding of your dynamic role in your family line.
* Applying wisdom gleaned from the lives of your ancestors to face the perils and uncertainties of the future.
* Strengthening and healing relationships.
* Stopping dysfunction in its tracks.
* Creating positive change.


Ready to forge ahead?
Here's how to GET STARTED:

Leave your information in the form to the upper right.

You will then receive a welcome letter and link to download your
FREE 2-generation family tree (designed by Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Murphy)
to remind you of your role as a ChangeMaker in your family line.

To find out more about what it means to be one of
TODAY's ChangeMakers



NEXT, pick a product or service to explore from the following categories:

Ready to connect to your ancestors through research? 
(Usually there’s someone somewhere down the line who’s an inspiration.)

Find family history products and services.
(Sometimes you’ll find answers to nagging questions about your own identity.)

Use journals as tools for personal growth.

Since YOUR choices in this generation influence future generations,
we also help you bridge the gap between family history and your future.

 Let our principle-centered, TODAY's ChangeMakerTM Specialists  help you re-energize your life
so you can strengthen yourself, then home and family.

Use the TODAY's ChangeMakerTM Products to accelerate your progress.

By JOINING THE QUEST, you will also receive notifications of FREE telecalls
to keep up-to-date with the inspiring events and programs of our

TODAY's ChangeMakerTM Specialists

Don’t give up on yourself or your family.
BE the catalyst for change that your family line has been waiting for.

YOU are the one who bridges the gap
between your family history and a bright and beautiful future

Declare yourself to be one of TODAY's ChangeMakers
who is serious about forging a healthy, happy future

by using wisdom gleaned from the past and also
by discovering time-tested, principle-centered
solutions to strengthen your family
in THIS generation, then 



“As we value our history, it becomes clear how we can become our best, most happy and capable selves.  
We learn what personal character traits contribute to strong, safe, secure family relationships, and,
in contrast, we can see what detracts from and destroys them.  
This knowledge helps us develop a healthy concern about
contributing positively to the future of our own family line.
~Family Tree Gal, Carolyn




FREE.  Start your day with a positive message to reflect upon.
Receive, via email, an uplifting quote from Monday to Thursday and
an inspirational story on Friday.

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