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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


What is a Family Tree Quest? 

It is a focused, personal effort to use your “roots” to strengthen the “branches” of your own family tree.  It also includes the quest to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions that will help you strengthen yourself and others in THIS generation, thereby strengthening your entire family tree for generations to come. It is a reflection of your desires to help and not hurt yourself and others, and is also known as your Family Tree Quest because you are choosing daily actions that bring or restore honor to your family name.



What are the goals of Family Tree Quest?

The 3-fold goals of Family Tree Quest are: 1) to Glean wisdom from the past rather than feel stuck in it,  2) Be happy and live a purpos-filled Life today as TODAY's ChangeMaker , and  3)  Prepare courageously and confidently for the future--come what may.  These are the goals you are asked to keep in mind if you make a personal commitment by JOINING THE QUEST.


What is a "TODAY's ChangeMaker™" -(TCMs)?
TODAY's ChangeMakers™ are men and women who wish to create positive change in THIS generation--especially those who have had extreme stress, sorrow or dysfunction in their family line.  They are willing to learn and implement time-tested, universal principles to effectively strengthen their own positive influence for the benefit of themselves, their family and their family line. 

TODAY's Changemakers are personal growth participants who have joined the Family Tree Quest.

What is Rise and Shine?
In thinking of family trees, we think of growth.  Sunshine, in nature, is needed to stimulate that growth.  The word “rise” creates the image of standing up. The word “shine” creates the image of doing something positive.  In order to create positive change in THIS generation, the title Rise (stand up) and Shine (do something to grow), was chosen. Note: See Rise and Shine Concept.

What is the Rise and Shine Concept? 

The CONCEPT is this:  As you pursue your FAMILY TREE QUEST -- your quest to strengthen self and family -- consider choosing to RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to improve your life).  If your decisions are made based on time-tested, universal laws or principles, and you act upon those decisions, the result will be positive--for you and for others.

What is JOURNALriffic?
JOURNALriffic is a terrific way to help you change your life for the better in THIS generation. It is the journaling method of choice for those who are trying to achieve Family Tree Quest’s RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something) suggestions and for any others who desire to create positive personal change in THIS generation.  JOURNALriffic comes with a challenge and a commitment.  

What is the JOURNALriffic Challenge?
The JOURNALriffic CHALLENGE is to write a record of daily events and the personal growth resulting from those experiences. Daily journal writing, the JOURNALriffic way, can help you grow in the power of your own positive influence. Some welcomed outcomes include renewed hope, increased insight, personal perspective, improved relationships, and the possibility of additional personal peace--just to name a few. Is it worth a daily effort to you to enjoy the benefits JOURNALriffic writing can bring?

What is the JOURNALriffic Commitment?
The JOURNALriffic COMMITMENT is "I am ready to grow, in spite of insecurities, frustration and fear, with an intention to strengthen myself in THIS generation. Courageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST." This commitment includes the letters that form the "riffic" portion of JOURNALriffic. R-eady to grow. I-n spite of insecurities, F-rustration and F-ear, with an I-ntention to strengthen myself in THIS generation. C-ourageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST.


What are the “4 Step of Discovery   ?

 They are the steps used in the JOURNALriffic Method of keeping a personal journal.   The steps are easy if stated this way, “OFIR UP Wisdom. Do something Specific. [Note: OFIR is pronounced "offer"][

1) OFIR (State your O-wn F-eelings and I-nner R-esolve without criticism of yourself or others.)
UP (U-niversal P-rinciples. Explore them)
Wisdom  (Did you identify the opportunity for personal growth in this experience and gain wisdom?)
Do something specific (to contribute positively and grow personally)

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