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Ideal LifeVision

Ideal LifeVision
Not just another Self-Help Program, it’s a fabulous implementation system!

As you know, there are hundreds of success and self-help titles lining the bookstore shelves.  Most are a wealth of knowledge with incredible ideas based on sound principles. And yet most of us are still lacking the results we desire by reading the books. Why? Good ideas are a dime-a-dozen. How to assimilate the ideas, making them a permanent part of our lives is where the gold mine is. It’s all theory until it’s put into practice. Ideal LifeVision is not another self-help program. It’s an implementation system; taking your goals and ideas and assisting you in their application. From now on any time you read about or want to act upon a new idea or tackle a monumental goal, you will know exactly HOW to convert or implement it into your life.

This tool can be used in overcoming addictions and bad habits as well.

The experts tell us to create a crystal clear, detailed vision of life as we'd like it and to then put emotion behind it in order to help our goals become reality.  Leslie Householder, one of our TODAY's ChangeMaker Specialists, is an advocate of this type of goal setting--setting goals with crystal clarity and embuing them with emotion as if they were yours in the present tense.

Key Elements of using Ideal LifeVision's PDF Manual and downloadable software:
•    You'll get help creating a minutely clear word picture of the “ideal you” living your “ideal life”.
•    Includes the motive for wanting to achieve the details of your vision (Your “WHY”)
•    Includes the How, Where, and When (the action plan) of specific goals.
•    An implementation system for new self-improvement ideas.
•    Recorded to super-learning music that can put the brain/mind in Alpha (a meditative state). 

With this investment in your life, you’ll receive the following:
•    The Power of Creating a LifeVision, 125-page manual in PDF that will come to you via email
•    Questions to Ponder to help you get clear on what your Ideal Life could look like
•    Samples you can use to help you write your LifeVision
•    A downloadable recording system for your computer that will record your voice
     and then blend it with music so that you can
put it onto a CD or iPod to be listened to daily.
     (valued at $49 if you purchase on website)

•    BONUS:  Tele-Workshop that features the 8 Steps in creating a LifeVision

Ideal LifeVision system puts your “ideal life” on the front burner daily, thus integrating your crystal clear dreams into your life swiftly and efficiently. By listening to what your “ideal life” looks and feels like daily, you begin taking steps in that direction immediately. Using a program on your computer, your LifeVision can be recorded with Baroque music in the background.  Because of the unique recording method using Baroque Music, even when daydreaming and not particularly “listening” to your dreams, your subconscious mind still “hears” and responds. Each and every day you are FOCUSING on what you want and the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be narrows. By listening daily to the type of person you are becoming, your beliefs begin to change. These beliefs, which in turn create habits, begin to give way to new beliefs, thus creating new habits. This is literally a tool where you can change your beliefs and actions over a period of time thus reinventing yourself if you so desire.

Note: There are several Ideal LifeVision Programs. Each has the same great content, each geared to a different emphasis.
If you're a goal setter/achiever, THIS is for YOU.

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