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Heritage Collector Suite

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THE PERFECT SOLUTION to your frustration and stress.
SAVE MONEY. CREATE your own family history gifts.
PRESERVE priceless memories

Take your history to the next generation.
Organize photos and information.
Personalize and create interactive storybooks, talking calendars,
slide shows and multimedia collections. Increase interest with photo labels,
oral narrative and GPS maps. Share via cloud, self-running CD/DVDs or printing.

Names ( called Hot spots) can be placed anywhere on a photo, map or other image. Just point, click and type.
Pass your mouse over the photo to see the names (hot spots) magically appear. Add descriptive transparent text (see green text above).
Print photos with or without hot spots. All the photos of a single person can be quickly found with the search function by entering a word or phrase contained in a hot spot or photo caption.

Heritage Collector also allows you to add narration to hot spots and tell interesting "mini" stories about the people, objects or points of interest in any photo. When you click on the hot spot, a short personal story will play.


Learn how to create one with Heritage Collector.

Click here to visit www.heritagecollector.com

Although I highly recommend buying the entire software,
there is a FREE version you can check out.

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What people are saying about Heritage Collector Suite

Heritage Collector Software

Received 9/02/2010
"... after weeks of using this software, I can't express strongly enough, how truly wonderful this software is and what it can do.  Wow, Wow, Wow!  Do I love this or what???   
Heritage Collector  has helped me get organized, start my biography, and make sense of the piles of pictures, files, genealogy, that were stored not only in real life boxes under my desk, but also on my computer.
Thanks again,

Reg Farnsworth writes. . .
I’m relatively a new user . . . and an avid amateur photographer and genealogist. I must say Heritage Collector exceeds all of my expectations.

It is without the slightest hesitation, I'd rate your software and handbook a five star plus (*****+).

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