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Family Energizer


Reduce stress
Teach responsiblility
Have fun

with this organized approach to developing family skills and values.

Program includes:
Energized Family Parent Guidebook
Contents for one Family Energizer
CD to make multiple copies for family members

The Family Energizer program provides the contents for one individual planner or organizer for a child. 
It comes with a CD which makes it possible for you to create pages for each member of your family
to have a Family Energizer as well. 
Delightful illustrations and clear guidelines in the Family Guide make it a pleasure to use. 
Using the Family Energizer makes it easier to reduce stress in your life, and teach responsibility at home.
The best part is that the CD also makes it possible to make copies of the pages year after a year.

This is a true bargain price!


Do you find yourself asking these                                                               questions:        

•    Would you like to find more time for yourself?
•    Would you like to take the contention out of your family?
•    Teach your kids responsibility
•    Set goals
•    Build strong characters
•    Help you children build strong communication skills
•    Teach your kids how to manage their time
•    Build self esteem
•    Learn to cooperate
•    Be a better student
•    How to make and keep friends
•    Become a peacemaker
•    Develop talents

The Family Energizer can help!


MY DUTIES section
"Get the help you need  and teach your family responsibility"
Will organize your household

•    Eliminate contention
•    Track progress
•    Get more help
•    Have more time for yourself
•    Teach children how to do a task the right way








"Children will follow rules better if they help set them. Will reduce tension."             

•    Organize your family
•    Track your child's progress
•    Save Time
•    Reduce chaos and noise


HOW TO section
Reduce stress by learning to communicate better. Develop talents.

•    Create more peace in your family
•    Develop your children's talents
•    Teaches your children to get along better
•    They will learn better ways to communicate


GOAL SETTING / DAILY SCHEDULE section                      
You will see wonderful progress as your children set goals. 
Your children will become organized and accountable.  
You will know what is going on with family members. 

•    Know what your children are doing
•    Improve performance in school
•    Reduce frustration

ENERGIZED FAMILY PARENT GUIDE                                

A helpful guide to get you started                                          

Learn what worked for the author's family. Add your own success.

 •    Share Ideas   



•    Each Family Energizer Includes:

•    One complete 8 ½ “ x 5 ½ “color printed manual - Family Guide

•    The following sections:

•    •  My Duties Section

•    •  12 Month Calendar

•    •  Family Rules

•    •  How To

•    •  Goals & Schedule

•    •  Tips & Ideas

And the following:

•    •  Family Council Sheet
•    •  Goals Helper Award
•    •  Integrity Quiz
•    •  Peacemaker Award
•    •  Peacemaker Quiz
•    •  CD with PDFs so you can print an Energizer for each member of your family.

These pages fit in a small (approx. 7 1/4" x 9"), 3-ring binder (NOT INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE).

The Family Energizer is worth it's weight in gold! 
Click here to ORDER YOURS TODAY!
 It makes a great gift, as well.

Most orders ship within 24 hours
unless the staff is attending a family history conference.

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