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What is JOURNALrifficTM   ?

So many kinds of journals !

So many reasons to write ! ! !



Use journals for YOUR own form of History-In-The-Making !

Daily journal writing, the JOURNALriffic way, leads to

  • self improvement
  • healthier relationships
  • confidence
  • less stress
  • peace of mind

LET'S SEE what is "riffic" about JOURNALrifficTM --

a terrific way to help change lives in THIS generation !



Here it is.


You will need

  • the tool
  • the self-talk
  • the commitment

Do you have them?

  • The tool is a journal (Get yours here)
  • The self-talk is the JOURNALrifficTM Challenge (you'll read about it in a minute)
  • The Commitment is the JOURNALrifficTM Commitment (Keeping your commitment is the LIFE-CHANGING part)

Now you're on your way !



JOURNAL - A tool (diary, binder, notebook, etc.) which can be used to provide a written record of daily events and the personal growth resulting from those experiences.

Pick out your JOURNAL

Click here to find the perfect journal for your needs



Now here's the "riffic" in JOURNALrifficTM:

r        (stands for) ready to grow

i          in spite of insecurities,

f             frustration and

f        fear with an

i        intention to stengthen myself in THIS generation.

c     Courageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST.


Therefore,  The JOURNALrifficTM challenge  is

to write a record of daily events and the personal growth resulting from those experiences. 


 The JOURNALrifficTM commitment  is

"I am ready to grow, in spite of insecurities, frustration and fear, with an intention to

strengthen myself in THIS generation. Courageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST."


 Make the most of your dynamic posicion on YOUR FAMILY TREE.

GROW in your positive influence (personally and generationally) and gain

  • renewed hope
  • increased insight
  •  personal perspective
  • improved relationships
  • the possibility of additional personal peace





Take the Challenge

and Make the Commitment TODAY !



Learn more about the life-changing JOURNALrifficTM way to personal growth.

Click here to learn more about JOURNALrifficTM and the JOURNALrifficTM Method of Journaling, and GAIN ACCESS to the ONE-AND-ONLY 4 Steps to Discovery Tips and Daily Journal Jogs (prompts.)


Visit www.journalriffic.blogspot.com to see the JOURNALrifficTM Principle of the week and click links to access your Journal Jogs (prompts) ! ! ! 

Click here to meet your Journal / Stationery needs. 

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