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Additional Resources

Additional Resources


In August of 2017, I made an important decision.

Since the main focus of my work is to help people with hidden heartaches
turn stress, sorrow, anger and dysfunction
to hope, direction, happiness and peace,
I am no longer keeping this page in active view of my website visitors.

I'm putting my heart and soul into supporting students in
my ReNEW Classes and Membership Circles.
I hope you will click those links in the navigation bar and join us.

If you have accessed this page from an old blog post or from my ebook,
some links may still function, but will not be updated.


Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner  Portable, easy flip-and-scan-technology.  Battery operated (no bothersome chords). You can even scan pictures in the frame or while they remain in their photo albums or on the wall!  I sit on the sofa in comfort and scan to my hearts delight. In December 2012, my 12 year old grandson scanned 760 pictures and loved it!  It’s fun to involve the whole family.

Heritage Collector Suite- - Your complete Personal History and Family History Management System (I give this software my highest recommendation)
This software has everything you need to get your family history clutter into one, orderly place.  Store and retrieve photos, documents, videos, etc.  Create family history gifts such as a calendar, scrapbook pages and slideshows.  It includes many bonus items.  A Free program is available, but I like all the “bells and whistles, so I have the whole Suite.

Finding Family Names- Discover, preserve, and celebrate your heritage

Legacy Family Tree-  It’s important to have both an online and offline way to keep your family records.  I chose Legacy Family Tree Software to keep individuals and families (genealogy) on my family tree.  

Family ChartMasters- Explore a variety of Family Tree Charts that are suitable for framing and displaying, so you can see and remember your vital place as TODAY’s ChangeMaker on your Family Tree.

Family Reunion Organizer- Plan, Organize and enjoy your family reunion.

The Ancestry Store- Everything you'll need to find your family story.


Personalization Mall- Personalized Gifts for life’s celebrations.

Gifts, Party Favors and Decorations- An all-occasion website.  Beau-coup helps you celebrate life, one event at a time. Mark each milestone with their unmatched selection of party favors, gifts and supplies for the special occasions you’re celebrating while strengthening your family traditions.

Life Manifestos- Beautiful statements for your wall, including a FAMILY MANIFESTO.

Family ChartMasters- Beautiful Family Tree Charts.  Family ChartMasters have a large variety of Family Trees from which to choose.


Find the perfect journal at Amazon. or Franklin-Covey.

Journaling Supplies at Amazon

Personal Historian Software- I love the timelines and personal history prompts on Personal Historian. I use this software when I make journal entries on my computer.

STRENGTHEN YOUR "VISION" for creating a bright future and maximize your ability to live true to your highest potential and best self TODAY.  These are among the tools I use to increase and deepen the effects of repetition coupled with emotion as I reinforce my deepest desires.  These tools help me as I create new habits by engaging in proactive behaviors.

Got Vision- Use this easy, quick, more-than-affordable way to record mp3s and CDs of your visualizations, affirmations/afformations,declarations, life’s vision, guided meditations, personal stories, poetry and more.  I set my detailed desires, goals and life’s vision to music and set my clock radio to begin my day by hearing that which I want to embed into my subconscious mind.

Mind Movies-  Mind Movies allow you to see pictures, hear music and see words with your goals, affirmations, etc.  This is the best-of-the-best way to influence your own mind with repetition, and it can evoke emotion. The Mind Movies team free, done-for-you versions, but I prefer to make my own with my own affirmations/afformations and pictures.  It plays in back of my computer screen while I work. I added my own “vibe” this way, since their images and words did not match my style of thinking and being.

Ideal Life Vision- A revolutionary goal setting and implementation tool that gets results. This is an entire system for success.  Develop crystal clear goals, establish new habits, get results that stick. Record your ideal life vision in your own voice and set it to music. Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. There’s an optional program for entrepreneurs, as well. Click the link and scroll all the way down the page to see everything that’s included.

Disclosure of Material Connection: in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I am disclosing that I am an affiliate of the companies listed above.  I have taken great care to select the affiliates whom I believe will offer the greatest service to my readers.  Affiliate sales help me continue my work, both online and offline. Thank you for using these links when making purchases.


Disclaimer:  Information on this site is for informational, educational purposes only.
Visitors to the site take full responsibility for the application of information.

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