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Who are TODAY's ChangeMakers?

Anyone (worldwide) who desires to create positive change in this generation--especially those who have had extreme stress, sorrow or dysfunction in their family--are considered TODAY's ChangeMakers  (TCMs).  My classes and services are designed especially for those who have suffered the disruptive ripple effects of divorce, mistreatment, abuse or addiction in themselves or anywhere in their family or family lines.  Our desire is to stop perpetuating the pain.

People nowadays are hungering for solutions to relieve the stress and duress that perplexes them as a result of changing times.  Heart-wrenching disappointments, bickering, contention, divorce, trauma, abuse, addictions, lack of finances, job losses, illness, conflict, self-doubt, death in the family  and other adversities perplex the inhabitants of our world..  Without the clarity of knowing how to solve and heal these difficulties and end perpetual cycles of disrespect, individuals, then families and then society, in general, bears the outcome of these numberless, negative influences.

Personal life paths have been cluttered and encumbered by uncertainties that can become fear-laden.

Because of trauma and family dysfunction, many adults feel robbed of their own childhood.  Feeling "unloved", "unwanted", “not good enough” “less than” or “broken beyond repair”, valuable citizens of countries all over the world begin to give up on themselves and on life for any reason beyond survival.  My belief is that such individuals can BE the catalyst for change that their family line has been waiting for.  I call them TODAY's ChangeMakers.

Is that you?

If it's you, I know that you are a wonderfully unique person who, in spite of all obstacles, still feels compelled, even driven to find out what to do to heal and to create a happy, functional life.  You become exceptionally discouraged at times, yet find small glimmers of hope that eventually ignite into flames of determination and conviction which lead you to seek and then find answers.  You are determined to learn what you intuitively know can bring more personal freedom and inner peace.  You long for wellsprings of hope and wonder about the possibilities of ever feeling pure joy -- which you may have concluded was too far out of your reach.  You are determined to break the chains of broken beliefs and negative habits—no matter how impossible it may sometimes seem.  You are willing to learn by seeking true, universal principles as a foundation upon which to build the foundation of your life.  You are willing to work mindfully (consciously and intentionally) and consistently to replace habits that don’t serve your highest good.  By making sure you are a positive influence in the lives of those around you, you then teach your children (if you have children), nieces, nephews and other family members, and are a positive influence in your family line.

You are among my heroes.  You fight some of the toughest battles of life with whatever is left of your strength.  You learn and then grow out of your adversities.  You exemplify the truth that 'out of the greatest trials can come the greatest triumphs'.  I am one of TODAY's ChangeMakers, too.  As I walk my own path, I cheer, lead and mentor other TODAY's ChangeMakers along.  I respect your independent rights to choose the course you will walk for yourself, yet I am here to support you when you need it.  I have an inner-knowing, that speaks strongly to my heart that we can succeed!  I'm committed to helping you use you family history to strengthen the branches of your own family tree --without getting stuck in "victim stories".  I seek to be a light not a judge. Join me as we move forward in strength, faith and courage, We will learn, grow and document the truth of our own experience as a witness to the powerful hope-filled, peace-filled, light-filled results of one human's life--YOURS!  You are TODAY's ChangeMaker, a courageous individual who chooses to be a positive influence in the world.

Have you considered inviting your extended family and friends to JOIN THE QUEST with you, too?

Let's keep this worldwide movement of
positive generational change
going strong!

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