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Principles, Attributes and Attitudes

True principles are timeless truths that help us in the processes of personal growth and change. Developing habits of incorporating principles into the foundation of our personal decision-making leads to quality-of-life results.  Although we may value living by universal, empowering principles, true principles are not, in and of themselves, values nor are they rules or religion.  They have existed in all peoples and locations throughout time.  When we live according to principles, we live in alignment with our authentic self.  Principles help us adapt to pressure-filled and changing situations.  They help us change and/or strengthen the generations.  The power of our positive influence increases when we begin to value and consistently live principle-driven lives.

Here's a list of some helpful principles:

1. Example

2. Humility

3. Forgiveness 

4. Charity (Pure Love)

5. Service

6. Faith

7. Civility / Social Responsibility / Obedience to laws

8. Peace
 A peacemaker is not the same as an enabler. 

9. Compassion

10. Mercy

11. Steadfastness

12. Good Works
Let what you do be a reflection of your spirit essence;
let it be a positive reflection of who you are. 

13. Reverence for the Holy and Sacred

14. Lifelong Learning / Creativity
 Strive for excellence. Be your best self. Aim high.
Don’t get caught up in practices to understand  this principle.

15. Meekness

16. Patience

17. Friendship

18. Pure in Heart / Have a Clean Conscience 

19. Endurance
See it through if it’s worthwhile.

20. Wisdom

21. Non-judgmental

22. Loving

23. Leadership

24. Honesty

25. Everyone is Unique / True Identity

26. Trustworthy

27. Loyal / Committed

28. Courteous

29. Kind

30. Helpful

31. Cheerful / Fair 

32. Respect (For self and others) 

33. Not Easily Provoked / Calm / Balanced 

34. Longsuffering / Patient in Trials 

35. Thankful / Grateful / Appreciative

36. Unselfish / Others Focused / Benevolent
Do good. Serve others w/o expecting anything in return. 

37. Hard-working
Be responsible for your actions. Have a healthy sense of duty, show integrity. 
This is NOT workaholism---which is actually avoiding responsibility.

38. Fidelity / Faithful
Be faithful to commitments made or change the commitment. 

39. Honor Father and Mother. 

40. Empathy 

41. Understanding
Be a good listener because you care.  Maintain confidences. 

42. Maturity

43. Inspired / Intuitive

44. Adaptable / Flexible

45. Sensitive / Intuitive 

46. Thoughtful 
Be caring and concerned for others well-being as well as your own. 

47. Generosity
Be generous with your time and talents as well as money. 

48. Confidence
This is born of experience and integrity, not haughty.
Not “puffed-up” or having a "better than you" attitude. 

49. Orderly / Organized
Have an inner sense of balance and order.  

50. Bravery

51. Happiness

52. Thrifty / Frugal




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