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Mind Movies, an amazing personal development tool

Intoducing Mind Movies--

an amazing personal development tool


Join me in creating your very own Mind Movies,

or simply download the FREE Mind Movies they have to offer.


They come highly recommended by

Bob Proctor (Leslie Householder's mentor)

Joe Vitale


Family Tree Gal, Carolyn Murphy


This is a simple tool that helps to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Creating your own Mind Movie

is a power-packed way to help you overcome false or limiting beliefs,

so that you can replace them with positive, faith-filled thoughts.

You can choose our own statements and pictures that

lead you in the direction of taking

full repsonsibility and accountability for your own actions.


Try the subliminal feature that runs your Mind Movie

in the back of your computer screen as you work.

Choose the opacity and volume for yourself.

It's incredible. 

I saw results in my life in the first couple days.

(I chose to make my own Mind Movies,

so that I would be in charge of exactly what I feed my brain.

I chose to use many of my own pictures,

part of my personal mission statement

and positive affirmations.)


Lots of people are talking about

the power of creative visualization and

the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction "talk" appeals to some and turns others off, so to speak.

Personally, I think about using our thoughts with Faith to attract what we desire.

One of the statements in my Mind Movie is

"I am assisted by the powers of heaven when I ask according to God's will."

Whatever your thoughts about these matters,

I find that Bob Proctor has wonderful insight into how our thoughts affect our daily living.

He has well-stuctured ways of presenting his information.

Clicking on the banner below will allow you to hear

some of his thoughts about Mind Movies

and how and why they work.


Take a look at this value

and choose for yourself.



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