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on beginning your own FAMILY TREE QUEST
to find time-tested, principle-centered SOLUTIONS  
that will help YOU in strengthening yourself and others in THIS generation--
thereby strengthening your entire FAMILY TREE.

As part of the Quest, you will

Glean wisdom from the past

Live mindfully in the present, and

Prepare confidently for the future

You’ve becomeTODAY's ChangeMaker

who will use a family tree focus and purpose

to create meaningful change in your family line

through the power of your positive influence.


Now that you’ve Joined the Quest,

what’s next?


Next, download (FREE or order) and frame a family tree


“In every home, frame a family tree to strengthen your posterity.”
-- Family Tree Gal, Carolyn

                                                    As a reminder of your commitment to your family line and your purpose in it,
                                                    download and frame a family tree.  Display it in your home. 
                                                    There are many FREE charts available online--
                                                    making it possible for everyone to display a family tree in their home.

                                                    Family ChArtist offers a FREE download as well as charts for purchase. 
                                                    At Family ChArtist, you create your own design.  Click here.

                                                    Other sites you may want to check out include those listed below:

                                                    Family Tree Jerry (This is the chart I’ve framed for our home many years.)

                                                                            As you begin, don’t worry about having all the spaces of names filled in. 
                                                                            Begin with the information you have. 
                                                                            In time, you may have more information to put on your tree.

Next, decide which tools you want to use to begin.


                                                                                   Connect with mentors (Click on Rise and Shine)

                                                                   Begin researching your ancestors

                                                                   Explore gift ideas, products and services

                                                                   Use JOURNALriffic to take specific steps toward a happier life.


Follow Family Tree Gal, Carolyn:


                                                       www.familytreequest.com           Access Informatiion, Mentors, gift ideas, products  and services.

                                                       www.familytreegal.blogspot.com                        Strengthen your family tree in THIS Generation
                                                       www.carolyncaltonmurphy.wordpress.com            Inspiration--connect to Heaven's Whisper.

                                                       www.facebook.com/familytreegal                        Fan Page

                                                       www.twitter.com/familytreegal                             Family oriented quotes, gift ideas and FTG updates

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