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Holiday Specials
Remember, the rest of our site
is full of wonderful gift ideas as well.
Nevertheless, we hope
you enjoy these

Holiday Ideas and Specials !

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Every Family can use a framed family tree!                                                                                                                                                

Check out the many beautiful Family Tree designs
at Generation Maps Family ChArtist.
The Holiday printing deadlines for this year are:

•    Christmas custom chart orders December 13th
•    Family ChArtist and pre-created charts December 17th

  • All RUSH orders must be submitted by December 20th


What if you aren't ready for a genealogy chart?

They have ideas to help you share your family history anyway. 


Blank Charts

Get the family involved and let them in on the excitement by filling out a genealogy chart together.

Gift Cards

A great gift for your favorite genealogists. Let them work
with the professionals at Generation Maps
to create a personalized family work of art. 

Geneartogy-family tree templates

  Click the picture above for GENEARTOGY.


Some families chip-in, so that each son or daughter
can be part of this

online designed, 

PRICELESS TREASURE for a parent(s) or grandparent(s).

Maybe you'll want one for your own home.

Family Tree Charts on CDRom - 780x160

Click on the above banner, then click the "Genealogy" tab.

A simple, handy way
to carry your genealogy with you all the time
for your personal reference guide.

Click on the banner above
and see a brand new concept
in genealogy charts!


Enter your surname below

to find the History of your Family Name.

For Coats of Arms and

other Family Name-oriented gift ideas,

visit the home page at House of Names

or click the banner below the search bar.



For Surname

Share Life's Moments in Minutes            
E- Cards (even last minute)

and Scrapbooks

NOTE: Receiving a Smilebox card from my

friends was one of the best "gift"s" I
received one year. Even though it was
not intended to be a "gift" and was
"Just a card via email", it was so heartwar
Family Tree Gal, Carolyn


Club Smilebox Free Trial

Check out Blue Mountain and
American Greetings E-cards
as well.

Delivery dates may be  scheduled ahad! 
Innovative, electronic personal greetings 
        help keep relationships strong and thriving.         

 Looking for a little nostalgia?

How about a Stocking Stuffer?

This out-of-the-ordinary gift delights its recipients!

Need Corporate gifts as well as individual gifts?

You'll find it all here.

Old fashioned candy from the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s... still available after all these years.


Heritage Collector Suite
Your complete Family History Management System 

Everything You Need to Complete a Variety of Family History Projects


Organize, Find, and Share
Family History Photos and Genealogy

THE PERFECT SOLUTION to your frustration and stress.
SAVE MONEY. CREATE your own family history gifts.
PRESERVE priceless memories




Digital Family History Guidebook - Printed version
The ultimate "HOW TO" Guidebook!   

(If you purchase Heritage Collector Suite, this comes FREE as a PDF)


Save time, money and frustration.

Over 200 Pages of step-by-step instructions.
Nine Chapters of information designed to help you with family history projects

Easy to read and understand.
No confusing computer jargon.
Many photos and screen shots help walk you through each process.

     Click here for more information

Learn the Basic Steps Necessary to
Create a Family History

Save Time, Money and Frustration.

Everything You Need to Get Started or to Finish Your Project

    * Where to begin.
    * Teaches you how to get high quality photo scans.
    * Review formatting, printing and binding options.
    * Time and money saving tips.
    * Advantages of using OpenOffice.org to format your book.
    * Learn how to create a PDF from which to print a bound book.

Learning is Easy

Step-by-Step Tutorials - printed and in PDF.
"How To" tutorial movies - Easy to watch, pause, and review.


Click here for more information

How would a MOBILE Scanner

help you or a loved one?

Well, look at this and be amazed!

YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers

Are you seeking a ONE-OF-A-KIND gift?

Well, HERE IT IS ! ! !





Share photos with loved ones.  Create photo books, cards, and MUCH MORE !

Click above for inexpensive, personalized gift-giving ideas.

Camcorders and Cameras
preserve priceless memories.

What else can you find for
your family at Kodak?

Kodak Store

Meet all your family history gift-giving needs.
Computers, cameras, scanners, books, and much more.
Think outside the box.  The family history buff has a wide array of needs.

The Family History Store - 330x352

Current Catalog

Current Catalog

Current Catalog



Reduce stress
Teach responsiblility
Have fun

with this organized approach to developing family skills and values.

Program includes:
Energized Family Parent Guidebook
Contents for one Family Energizer
CD to make multiple copies for family members

                                   Click here for more information                        


for shopping with us!

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