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Heritage Collector Suite

Heritage Collector Makes Organization Fast and Easy


Organize, Find, and Share
Family History Photos and Genealogy

THE PERFECT SOLUTION to your frustration and stress.
SAVE MONEY. CREATE your own family history gifts.
PRESERVE priceless memories


Heritage Collector Suite
Your complete Family History Management System 

Everything You Need to Complete a Variety of Family History Projects

  • Organize Photos, Documents, Audio Files, Video Clips and More
  • Avoid frustration and costly mistakes
  • Keep associated photos and files together
  • Find Any Photo in Seconds
  • Photo Identification
  • Archive and Search CDs and DVDS
  • Safeguard Files With Backup System
  • Create Sharable PDFs
  • Save Hard Drive Space
  • Easy to follow user manual.  No computer jargon.

Perfect for the beginner and also for those who have boxes and boxes of “stuff”.

When you don't know where to begin, begin with Heritage Collector Suite!

Names ( called Hot spots) can be placed anywhere on a photo, map or other image. Just point, click and type.
Pass your mouse over the photo to see the names (hot spots) magically appear. Add descriptive transparent text (see green text above).
Print photos with or without hot spots. All the photos of a single person can be quickly found with the search function by entering a word or phrase contained in a hot spot or photo caption.

Heritage Collector also allows you to add narration to hot spots and tell interesting "mini" stories about the people, objects or points of interest in any photo. When you click on the hot spot, a short personal story will play.

Bonus Package

Save over $60 Instantly
Order Heritage Collector Suite and Get the Bonus Package FREE

• Receive ALL EightHeritage Collector
AND the following seven bonus package add-ons listed below with purchase.

1. Over twenty FREE, easy-to-follow "How To" Tutorials
Heritage Collector comes with over twenty tutorial movies.
It’s like having your own personal tutor showing and telling you what to do


2. Digital Family History Guidebook in PDF
The ultimate "How To" Guidebook

Over 200 Pages of step-by-step instructions.

Nine Chapters of information designed to help you with family history projects
Saves you time, money and frustration.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to Begin
  2. Easier Scanning
  3. Working with Sound
  4. Digital Cameras, Video and GPS
  5. Digital Scrapbook
  6. Interactive Storytelling
  7. Creating a Bound History
  8. Preserving and Archiving
  9. Understanding Your Computer

Additional Features
Tips & Shortcuts.
Things to Avoid.
Step-by-Step Instructions.
Searchable in PDF format.
Full Color Pages.


3. New! Calendar Module
Print and share with children and relatives..
• Create personalized Pages.
• Use your own backgrounds.
• Unrestricted Layouts.
• Print your calendar at your favorite printing facility.
• Different calendar sizes.
• Drag photos from Heritage Collector to pages.


4. Storybook Module
A fun and inexpensive way to print and share family history.
• Create Elegant Pages.
• Make and use your own backgrounds.
• Unrestricted Layouts.
• Save money by printing pages at your favorite printing facility.
• Many pages sizes and configuration to use.
• Different printing options.


5. NEW! GPS Maps
Tag graves and other family history locations with GPS coordinates.
The GPS Maps module can automatically turn your coordinates
into cemetery or other maps to be printed
or easily converted into a PDF and e-mailed to family.


 6. Easier Scanning Interactive Tutorial.



 7. Using Sound Interactive Tutorial.

Heritage Collector makes it possible for a photo to interactively tell its own story by adding voices
to the photo.
Using sound with Heritage Collector will allow you to do many things, including
  • Add sound to names (Hot Spots) displayed when scrolling over photos.
  • Add narrative to a slide show.
  • Convert and enhance old tape recordings.
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Most orders ship within 24 hours unless the staff is attending a family history conference.
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What people are saying about Heritage Collector Suite

Heritage Collector Software

Received 9/02/2010
"... after weeks of using this software, I can't express strongly enough, how truly wonderful this software is and what it can do.  Wow, Wow, Wow!  Do I love this or what???   
Heritage Collector  has helped me get organized, start my biography, and make sense of the piles of pictures, files, genealogy, that were stored not only in real life boxes under my desk, but also on my computer.
Thanks again,

Reg Farnsworth writes. . .
I’m relatively a new user . . . and an avid amateur photographer and genealogist. I must say Heritage Collector exceeds all of my expectations.

It is without the slightest hesitation, I'd rate your software and handbook a five star plus (*****+).

Software Requirements

Software Compatibility
• Windows 2000
• Windows XP
• Vista
• Windows 7

Basic Requirements
• IntelR PentiumR Processor or
• Equivalent 32 and 64 bit processors
• 512 MG Ram - more recommended
• Video card with high resolution
• 24-bit color recommended
• Resolution 1024 X 768 or greater
• CD-ROM - DVD drive

Optional Recommended Items:
• Scanner
• CD Writer to create shareable CDs
• Printer, Sound Card and Speakers
• An additional 88.0 MG is needed to install the "How To" tutorials

Heritage Collector Suite Install
• 204 MG space on hard drive -
• "How To" tutorials
• Calendar module
• Storybook module
• GPS Maps module
• Digital Family History Guidebook

Heritage Collector Pro Install

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