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Heather Madder, the Changemaker Coach

Heather Madder

The Coach for Changemakers
Growing Positive-impact businesses by inspiring minds.


  • Are you playing out the effects of old family relationships in your family now?
  • Are you plagued with the results of negative experiences in your childhood or youth?
  • Are you repeating the limiting beliefs of your parents?
  • Are you sabotaging yourself and feeling “stuck” without knowing why?
  • Are your concerned about your own negative cycles of behavior?

    Could you use a little help?

Heather Madder is a spirit-centered, energetic woman who’s mission is to empower others to live from their Soul Self and experience a fullness in life, family, & business.  She is brilliant at her work.  From personal experience, I know Heather to be sensitive, fun-loving and creative in business in ways that are beyond imagination!  I can attest that she’s an entrepreneur extrordinaire, and she produces powerful positive results as a Changemaker Coach.

When you are coached by Heather, she masterfully helps you see the root cause of limiting beliefs and blocks.  She helps you clear them so the sabotaging, limiting block is “re-scripted” to produce a different outcome.  Heather helps people learn to love their own life and then learn to make a difference.

  • She inspires Changemakers who feel blocked or broken to get rid of their false and limiting beliefs.
  • She guides Changemakers who have a gift, service, skill or product that improves people’s lives.
  • She teaches entrepreneurs how to reach as many people as possible, in the least amount of time, and stay purpose and people driven. 
  • She is masterful in helping you stay connected to yourself, your values, your family and your Creator while you do.

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Heather is also a extraordinary instructor of spirit-driven entrepreneurs who have a gift, skill, talent, service, mission or message that they are yearning to share with others.  Unlike our ancestors, we live in an age of time that makes it possible to earn extra income or earn all our income based on an online business. 

Here’s a taste of what Heather has to say:

“You create your life from the inside out.  Period.  People do not create prosperity out of impoverished beliefs about who they are.  Even if they somehow get lucky, it fades quickly and they end up with external results that match their internal thinking.”

 Regarding earning income, her ideas are worth pondering. 

“You don’t get paid what other people think you are worth,” she says.  “ You get paid what YOU think you are worth.  That is why I created Belief Breakthrough coaching programs.”

BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH- Teaming up with elite business trainer Garrett J. White, Heather is the cutting-edge co-founder of The Wake Up Academy.  Their Wake Up the World Movement empowers conscious creators with both the tools as well as the mindset to breakthrough in business to a world of unlimited possibilities and income.  Garrett masterfully teaches the specifics of what’s needed to begin to grow an Internet-based business with his Business Breakthrough segments while Heather helps clear blocks and limited beliefs which stand in the way of progress with BELIEF BREAKTHROUGH coaching and information.

If you’re ready to see what’s in yourself that’s keeping you stuck, Heather stands ready to help you.  If you need to know what to do to establish an online helping or healing business of your own, Garrett will deliver the cutting-edge information you need.  Check out The Wake Up Academy!

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