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Create a Family History
  Create a Family History

Learn how to get better scans, organize and format your family history  book.

Learn the Basic Steps Necessary to
Create a Family History

Your History Deserves To Be The Best You Can Make It!
Save Time, Money and Frustration.
This Can Be a Fun Experience!

Everything You Need to Get Started or to Finish Your Project

    * Where to begin.
    * Teaches you how to get high quality photo scans.
    * Review formatting, printing and binding options.
    * Time and money saving tips.
    * Advantages of using OpenOffice.org to format your book.
    * Learn how to create a PDF for printing.

Learning is Easy

Step-by-Step Tutorials - printed and in PDF.

"How To" tutorial movies - Easy to watch, pause, and review.


1 - Improve Your Scanning Skills -  Do it right the first time!

Step-by-Step Scanning Tutorial
         16 pages
  • Scanner Basics
  • What is DPI?
  • Getting Consistent Scan Results
  • Special Purpose Scanning
  • Simple Scanning Tricks
  • Scanning and Printing
Scanning "How To" Video Tutorials
16 Videos
  • Introduction to Scanning
  • Getting Started
  • Setting DPI
  • Cropping
  • Types of Photo Files to Use and Avoid
  • Keeping File Sizes Small
  • Scanner Enhancement Techniques
  • Gets the Dots Out of Obituary Scans
  • Removing the Yellow From Old Paper
  • Stopping Bleed-Through - Newspaper Scans
  • Using a Camera and Tripod for Large Photos
  • Scanning Objects
  • Epson and HP Scanner Recommendations

Learn to work miracles with old photos using 
the software that came with your scanner!

Advanced users also benefit from the 
scanning tutorials.

Tip from one of the videos. "Vinegar 
and water make an excellent cleaner 
for your scanner glass."

 2 - Formatting Suggestions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Suggestions for Formatting Your Book
         29 pages  

    * Creating a Document
    * Initial Preparation
    * Things to Avoid
    * Writing Helps and Hints
    * Text Formatting Options
    * Scanning Specifications Printing Cautions
    * Binding Considerations
    * Things to Avoid
    * Ways to Save Money
    * Your Book on CD/DVD
    * Adding Video Introductions
    * Computer Search of the Book
    * Archiving Your Master Work


    Learn about different page format samples.


3 - Use OpenOffice.org to Format and Create a History  

Watch "How To" Videos to Learn OpenOffice.org
     8 Videos

    * Creating a Document
    * Saving Your Work
    * Using Fonts
    * Adding Photos
    * Spell Checking
    * Undo / Redo
    * Zoom and Pan
    * Creating a PDF






Step-by-Step Tutorial - 22 pages

You may already know how to use most of these basic typing commands. However, information is provided to help you learn how benefit and save time by learning to use the basics.

Don't let the following list overwhelm you. You will amazed how simple these features are to use.

    * Getting Started
    * Saving Your Work
    * Using Fonts
    * Adding Photos
    * Spell Checking
    * Undo / Redo
    * Zoom and Pan
    * Creating a PDF
    * Setting Up Your Book
    * Starting OpenOffice.org((Ooo)
    * Creating a File
    * Use 'Save As'
    * Create a Folder
    * Save Often
    * Creating a File
    * Using Undo / Redo
    * Fonts
    * Text Formatting
    * Positioning Text
    * Setting Margins, Columns
    * Indenting Text
    * Change Text and Highlight Color
    * Inserting & Moving a Photos
    * Resizing a Photo
    * Flowing Text Around a Photo
    * Adding a Photo Caption
    * One or Two Columns?
    * Adding Page Numbers
    * Page Numbering
    * Scrolling Pages Up or Down
    * Zooming in For a Closer Look
    * Where Am I?
    * Working With Documents
    * Use Small Chapters
    * Edit Drafts - Back to Front
    * Spell Checking
    * Hyperlinked Contents
    * Printing From a PDF
    * Creating a PDF
    * Getting Help
    * Advanced Features
    * Creating a Table of Contents


OpenOffice.org had it origins over twenty years ago. There have been over 49 million (yes - that's million) downloads worldwide.

OpenOffice.org continues to be supported and updated by a dedicated community of programmers and great people who are donating their time and services to the project.

You can learn more about OpenOffice by clicking on this link. OpenOffice.org.

OpenOffice.org is a registered trademark of OpenOffice.org.

The CD/DVD Video Tutorials are outstanding and easy to follow.  They do not require the Heritage Collector Software.
Compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7

No international orders for this product.
Most orders ship within 24 hours unless the staff is attending a family history conference.


A freeware (open source) install version of the complete OpenOffice.org suite is contained on the DVD.
OpenOffice.org is a registered trademark of OpenOffice.org.                                                                     

OpenOffice.org 'How To' video demonstrating how easy it is to import and flow text around a photo in OpenOffice.org.

Flowing text around a photo in OpenOffice.org.

Scrolling, zooming and moving photos one pixel at a time.

Using color settings in OpenOffice.org

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