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Carolyn's Mission, Vision and Values

Carolyn's Mission, Vision, and Values 


To guide and champion TODAY’s ChangeMaker Chainbreakers by respecting, educating and serving their unique and independent needs on all levels—physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


I am the leader of the worldwide TODAY's ChangeMaker Chainbreaker Phenomenon.  It is a movement of sincere, determined men and women who are yearning for understanding and assistance in recognizing and consistently using the power of their inner strength to fortify themselves and their family members against the influences in the world that seek to destroy their faith in God and tear down their character which undergirds their abilities to stand firmly, with conviction and stability, while they make positive contributions in homes, communities and in the world.


▪  I recognize that everyone has individual worth and is deserving of understanding and help, if they choose to receive it, regardless of his or her faults.

▪  I treat others with common decency and courtesy.

▪  I deeply respect the roles that mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and all family members hold in society.  I strive to help those who desire to create positive change to overcome negative traits and destructive habits and trends that can tear at the foundation of building strong individuals and families.

▪  I hold the firm conviction that individual actions affect future generations, therefore I know that mindful, deliberate attention that is given toward creating positive change in oneself is the key to creating positive generational change and healing in one’s family and family line—past, present and future.

▪  I fully understand that we only have the power to be responsible and accountable for our own thoughts, feelings, actions, values, attitudes and beliefs, yet I do not underestimate the power of our individual positive influence on others – especially our immediate family as well as on our family lines.

▪  Since individuals and families influence society with their attitudes, ideas, talents and contributions, it is my conviction that strengthening the individual and family is the best, most foundational and productive way to strengthen the world.

▪  I believe that among their other unique and vital roles, TODAY’s ChangeMakers™ are placed in family lines for the express purpose of creating positive change and to hold at bay or reverse those traits and trends that are destructive to healthy living—physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Understanding this role helps establish a firm individual and family foundation upon which to build as other roles and purposes emerge along the path of happiness.

▪  I value having faith in God and know that each of us can co-create a life, with His help and influence, that can take us from conflict to connection and from heartache to healing and happiness, thus giving each of us hope for a bright and beautiful future regardless of our own inadequacies, poor choices, mistakes or “history”—whether generational , inflicted upon us or of our own making.