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Leslie Householder


Leslie Householder

 Award-winning author, Leslie Householder, invites you to download her best-selling story The Jackrabbit Factor for FREE.  If you’re simply looking for new hope or you’re ready to achieve something extraordinary, you’ll want to visit Leslie’s site.  Watch the FREE 4-minute movie and be inspired.  Click here to watch the movie.  You'll be glad you did. Click here and get ready to achieve any goal by downloading The Jackrabbit Factor Ebook. As a life success coach, Leslie can show you how to enjoy peace of mind in any economy by learning about the Laws of Thought.  Receive her FREE 19 Rules of Prosperity Guide.  Don't miss the FREE, life-changing Stickman Video.  As your knowledge grows, be sure to visit her store to see her other books, CD’s, articles, and courses.  Help is on it’s way.  Hope can be here to stay.   Learn to live more abundantly.

Truly prosperous people have discovered an amazing but not-so-obvious connection - God and the Universe operate in a lawful manner. Live abundantly... identify and test the "19 Rules" for yourself. Free download.  Click here!

    Family life is better when there's financial peace of mind.
Click below to read about the 19 rules of prosperity and see part of Leslie's story.


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 Did you know that The Jackrabbit Factor helped Britain's Ben Southall win the World's Best Job Contest (2009). He was one out of 35,000 applicants, and HE was the one that landed the job of his dreams.

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What could The Jackrabbit Factor do for you?

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