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Tips and Prompts on using the JOURNALriffic Method

--which is the 4 Steps to Discovery--

to CREATE positive CHANGE in your life TODAY.


Welcome ! ! !

I'm glad you've opted to begin making the change that can change everything!

I know from experience that journal writing can improve one's state of mind and be a powerful tool in personal growth efforts.  I'm happy to share with you the JOURNALriffic Method -- The 4 Steps to Discovery.

It is my hope that you will benefit from using these steps.


Please read the overview about JOURNALriffic and the JOURNALriffic method before beginning to use these Journal Jogs.  I think you'll be glad you did. 

If you've read the overview, proceed. 

If you'd like to read it now, Click here.


The text found here is where you'll find your detailed JOURNALriffic journal prompt for each day of the week.  The journal jogs follow an explanation of each step used in the 4 Steps to Discovery. Blog entries found at http://journalriffic.blogspot.com will contain the principle of focus for the week.  You will also see some supplemental reminders and materials there and find links to resources on some blog posts. 

I invite you to sign up as a follower.

If no principle of the week is listed on the blog, click here to choose your own.



It is recommended that you bookmark this page.  Although the text of these journal prompts is repeated every week, it is anticipated that your own experience, as you write entries in your journal, will be unique and different each time the prompt text is used.  This is because pondering the principle, itself, will bring varied thoughts and experiences to your mind that will assist your growth.  The repetition aids in establishing a foundational pattern that is intended to make journal entries easier and easier for you.  You will be able to save time by focusing on the content of your writing—where the real benefit lies—rather than on wondering what you will write about or where to begin. 


Join the rest of us at the http://journalriffic.blogspot.com blog to see our journal topic for the week, or click here for the list provided on this website to stimulate ideas for other principles you may want to explore.  I personally invite you to join as a follower on http://journalriffic.blogspot.com  You may also benefit from my posts at www.facebook.com/familytreegal, www.twitter.com/familytreegal and/or http://familytreegal.blogspot.com





THIS WEEK I will personally explore the principle of  __________________. 

(Write the principle in the blank.)



Create the life you’ll love to live!  Let JOURNALriffic’s guided journal jogs to help you.


This week, I'm pondering the principle of ________________________.  (Write in the principle of the week from JOURNALriffic’s Blog at www.journalriffic.blogspot.com or choose one of your own by clicking here.


Now follow JOURNALriffic’s 4 Steps to Discovery.


Today we will use the first step in JOURNALriffic’s 4 steps to Discovery, which is OFIR

[State your (O)wn  (F)eelings and  (I)nner  (R)esolve -- without criticism of yourself or others.]  [Note: OFIR is pronounced "offer".  Each letter is chosen to serve as a memory booster for OFIR = (O)wn (F)eelings and (I)nner (R)esolve.  Use the following statement to remember all 4 Steps of Discovery "OFIR UP Wisdom. Do something Specific".  In time, there will be enough mind jogs to use all 4 Steps to Discovery without having to look at the reminders on my website.  That is the goal.]


 Place the principle you are working on this week the appropriate blank spaces.

Think of an experience in your life in which ___________________(State the Principle), or its absence, played a role.  Write the experience in your journal in a way that states the situation without putting others in a bad light.  In other words, speak about the situation in terms of your own feelings and wishes for your own inner resolve (to settle an issue in your mind) instead of simply railing on or criticizing others (which acts like a poison to self and relationships and is a waste of time and energy).  Remember the only person you have control over improving is YOU, and you are looking to glean wisdom, live mindfully and prepare confidently.  As you create change in yourself, others will either resist or adapt.  Be respectful and use discretion, but discover ways in which you can GROW in healthy ways in spite of obstacles.

Example Journal Jog entry:

I remember a situation involving _________________. (State the Principle for this week.) 

This is how I remember my experience ____________.  (Write it in your journal). 

I felt _____________ (sad, excited, angry, disrespected etc.) Click here for a list of Feelings if you need help.

about _____________(State a specific thing that happened)

because ___________(Explore your reasons.)

This is what I wish had happened instead__________________.(Write it.) 

This may have turned out differently if I had__________________. (State something you could have done differently-to contribute positively to the outcome.) 

Since all I can control is my own decisions, I will choose to____________________ (state what you will do) in any similar future situations.


If you desire to grow, then mean-spirited choices for future responses have to be eliminated.  (We may all have a good laugh over some of our initial responses!)  Part of living mindfully in the present is to be able to lay down your harsh judgments of yourself and/or others. 


I hope you’ll use your journal to write any thoughts you feel comfortable writing, or copy and paste this message to a word document and write your thoughts after the text if you create your journal entries on the computer.  (Consider abbreviations or other symbols for words or names that you’d like to remain known only to you.)


Have a GREAT Mindful Monday.  Happy Journaling!


[Note: Please remember that information contained here is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.] 






Once again, we are living mindfully in the present by focusing on principles that foster happiness and growth.


Today we are using Step Two in JOURNALriffic’s 4 steps to discovery, which is

UP (Universal Principles. Explore them)


Universal principles are timeless truths that help us in the processes of personal growth.  They help us adapt to pressure-filled and changing situations.  Developing habits of incorporating principles into the foundation of our personal decision-making leads to quality-of-life results.  Although we may value living by universal, empowering principles, true principles are not, in and of themselves, values nor are they rules or religion.  They have existed in all peoples and locations throughout time.  When we live according to principles, we live in alignment with our authentic self. 

We each have an inner sense, an intuition, an inner-knowledge, a conscience.  Being still, becoming aware and connecting to that inner-knowledge is what helps us recognize universal principles.  We grow, in a healthy way, as we develop the integrity to live in accordance to what we discern from our inner-knowing.


Once again, I invite you to explore the universal principle of _______________or choose one of your own.

Explore by pondering, reading, writing, using the Internet, talking to someone, remembering something from your experiences, etc.


If you’d like to use the “Talk About It Tuesday” Journal Jog,

here it is:

  • Have a “talk” with your inner self by thoughtfully studying the words of others on this subject (use books, magazines, the library, Google or other search on the computer, etc. ) to discern how you would like to more fully apply this principle in your life, OR
  • Have a conversation (about this quality) with someone you trust and respect.  (Perhaps you’ll want to do this regularly with a JOURNALriffic partner—someone who also uses JOURNALriffic to progress and grow.) 
  • Listen to understand their perception without judgment..  Remember, your perception can remain different than theirs.  NO STRESS.  Remember to be courteous. NO BASHING.  This is NOT gossiping about other people’s points of view.  It is exploring your own feelings and allowing others to have their own opinion.
  • What have you NOTICED about  (the quality and its impact in your life and the lives of others?
  • Write down your thoughts and any new impressions about this principle.
  • Ask yourself, “Is there something more that I can do to integrate the positive aspects ___________ in my daily living. 
  • Write down any thoughts that come to your mind.
  • Write down your commitment.  Put it in a place where you’ll see it, and remember it daily.

 [Note: Please remember that information contained here is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.] 






As part of continuing Step Two in the 4 Steps to Discovery (UP- Universal Principles.  Explore them),

check out your IN-vironment.  How is ______________  (state the principle) reflected in the way you choose to think and then speak?


Worth Pondering:  Am I sensitive to the impact and influence my thoughts, words and actions (connected to this principle) have on others as well as on myself?

Ask yourself, “Do my thoughts and words build self* and others or tear down and demean?”

Are my thoughts, words and self-talk courteous and helpful or disruptive and mean?

Are my thoughts, words and self-talk beneficial or self-defeating?

Do I want to make a commitment to ‘Watch My Words’ and improve?” 

Write down your commitment and any other observations that may benefit you.

[Note: * “Building self” is not the same as boasting.  It’s the opposite of boasting.  It manifests itself quietly. It contributes to building character.  It is an inner quality of integrity and strength. ]


[Note: Please remember that information contained here is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.] 






Great blessings can come out of any difficulty when wisdom is used for personal growth.  Today, we will use the Third Step in the JOURNALriffic 4 Steps to Discovery, which is:  Wisdom. (Did you identify the opportunity for growth in this experience and use your wisdom to grow personally?)

Each of us is equipped to be able to find answers within ourselves when we seek them.  Often they come through a process entailing multiple experiences, yet the answers do come. This  “Think About It Thursday message and exercise serves as catalyst for your pondering

One part of living mindfully in the present includes identifying the possibility for growth in every situation.  As you consciously reflect upon your lifes experiences (free from criticism and condemnation of self or others), you can begin to glean wisdom from the past.  You may realize that a certain choice led you in a direction that hurt you or someone else.  You apply wisdom when you decide that you will not repeat those words or that action again.

Here's what the dictionary says about WISDOM.

wis·dom   (wĭz'dəm) 

1.      The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.

2.      Common sense; good judgment: "It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things" (Henry David Thoreau).

3.       a.  The sum of learning through the ages; knowledge: "In those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations" (Maya Angelou).

       b.      Wise teachings of the ancient sages.

4.      A wise outlook, plan, or course of action.

5.      Wisdom Bible Wisdom of Solomon

 "wisdom." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. 14 Jan. 2010. <Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/wisdom>.

When you begin to seek wisdom to apply to specific circumstances, you may choose to invite God, through prayer, to help you.  You open your mind to infinite possibilities.  Sudden strokes of ideas may come to mind.  You may have a remembrance of a book or article or conversation. You may have the thought to search the Internet, or you may have the memory of a phrase or a story that a certain friend or mentor said that is helpful to you in your present situation.  The possibilities are limitless.  As you quiet your mind and follow your thoughts, keep a non-critical perspective, and remain open to the path of thought that is unfolding to your awareness-- then answers will emerge.  Discernment (good judgment and keen insight) is needed as wisdom is applied to the thoughts and decisions of your life.  As was mentioned before, you possess an inner knowledge that will help you identify those things that are truly in your own best interest – in a self-nurturing, rather than selfish, self-demeaning or self-destructive way.  You must make a decision as to what to do, do it, and then learn from the results.  Was it in your best interest or not?  If not, make a different choice next time.  Overcome any fear of making mistakes by feeling the benefits of moving forward and gleaning wisdom.

It is the wisdom that you glean because of your own life’s experiences that helps you make choices that allow you to experience and maintain the condition of happiness as well as peace, contentment, acceptance, forgiveness, serenity, and all other conditions that are desirable in one’s life.  Don’t fret the tough times.  We need opposition and difficult times to help us see and begin to understand where wisdom lies.  Use your negative experiences to help you GROW.  Just remember that the times when you feel the best yourself and when you are truly the best influence on others is when you have used your wisdom to be in alignment with the YOU that is loveable and unique.  It’s the YOU that is coming to understand the principles and laws by which you function best--physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s a process.  Enjoy the journey, and use Step 4 today to help you come a step closer to your goals.


Here’s your “Think About It” Thursday Journal Jog

In your journal, list the benefits that come to mind from developing ______________________(write in this week’s principle)

If you choose, pray for help and guidance.

Reflect upon the ways each positive attribute you develop contributes to your overall well-being.  

 In your journal:

1)       Write the ways in which this attribute helps or could help you live in alignment with the loveable and unique YOU—your true identity.

2)       Describe the feelings you have or would have when this attribute is present in your choices.

3)       Decide how you will apply wisdom to grow in one of your current situations.

4)        Follow through.  See it through.  It’s up to you.  GROW.


Please remember that discovery is a process that often takes many steps.  Once one step is taken, the next step has light shed upon it.  Be patient with yourself.  Learn to love the PROCESS of discovery as you GROW.


[Note: Please remember that this information is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.]




What’s on your mind?  What will you do about it?


As we continue to explore the principle of ______________, we will use the Fourth Step in JOURNALriffic’s 4 Steps to Discovery:

Do something specific (to contribute positively).


Remember, pausing to become aware of how you truly feel is one way to live mindfully in the present—which is one of the goals of those people who are on a FAMILY TREE QUEST. (See www.familytreequest.com)

If needed, click here to see a list of feelings and attitudes that may help jog your mind as you complete today's journal jog.


  • In your journal entry today, finish these sentences:
  • My life has improved by allowing myself to feel deeply and ponder the principle of ___________.  (Remember, even knowing that improvement is needed and a gaining a desire to do so may be an improvement!)
  • These are the feelings I like when ___________(State the principle) is present in my relationships. (List the feelings)
  • When ______________ (state the principle) is missing in my relationships, these are the feelings I don’t like:  (List the feelings)
  • You may want to summarize or restate some of your insights. 
  • These are the things that get in the way of my outward expression of _______________. (List them, if any)  I am committed to changing these.
  • Write down one specific thing you will do to contribute positively to your own life and/or the lives of others connected to what you have felt and learned and know about the principle of ___________.(State the principle.)
  • TAKE ACTION ON THAT ONE THING!  When you do, remember to record it in your JOURNAL, too!


Now, the not-to-be-forgotten part.

After using the “4 Steps to Discovery”, always express gratitude for the growth that challenges have the potential to bring OR for the welcomed feelings you’ve observed (joy, peace, tenderness, safety, security, etc.). After that, NOTICE even the small steps toward a happier life.


“Passing It On” thought:  Gratitude, for me, seems to open the door for the emergence of further thoughts and ideas that help me GROW.  In my opinion, expressing gratitude and noticing, make JOURNALriffic's 4 Steps to Discovery even more worthwhile!]


Have a great weekend. 


Family Tree Gal, Carolyn


[Note: Please remember that information contained here is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.] 

Disclaimer:  Information on this site is for informational, educational purposes only.
Visitors to the site take full responsibility for the application of information.

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