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Let me tteach you my method
of using your journal as a tool
to discover who you really are
in the here and now and
as an aid in navigating through
difficult emotions and
making proactive decisions
about the next best step forward for yourself.

Journal writing allows you to see,
in your own words,
the outcomes of your thoughts, feelings,
actions, values, attitudes and beliefs

By choosing to embrace principles
that govern happiness
and reject choices that lead to depression,
despondency, discouragement and despair,
you consciously create a happier, more fulfilled life.
You are empowered when you make adjustments,
when necessary. 

As you allow God to influence your reality and
as you elevate the deepest desires of your heart,
you learn, through your own experiences,

that they you have the power to chart
a faith-filled course
toward reaching your highest potential
for happiness and inner peace.

You see, more clearly,
the hand of God at work,
blessing you in your daily life.

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