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What is JOURNALrifficTM?

JOURNALrifficTM  is a terrific way to help you change your life for the better in THIS generation.

It is the journaling method of choice for those who are trying to achieve Family Tree Quest’s RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something) goals, and it's for any others who desire to create positive personal change in THIS generation.  It comes with a challenge and a commitment.

The JOURNALrifficTM CHALLENGE is to write a record of daily events and the personal growth resulting from those experiences. Daily journal writing, the JOURNALriffic way, can help you grow in the power of your own positive influence. Would you welcome an outcome that included renewed hope, increased insight, personal perspective, improved relationships, and the possibility of additional personal peace?  It is worth a daily effort to enjoy the benefits JOURNALrifficTM writing brings.

The JOURNALriffic
TM COMMITMENT is stated this way, "I am ready to grow, in spite of insecurities, frustration and fear, with an intention to strengthen myself in THIS generation. Courageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST." This commitment includes the letters that form the "riffic" portion of JOURNALrifficTM.

R-eady to grow.

I-n spite of insecurities,

F-rustration and

F-ear, with an

I-ntention to strengthen myself in THIS generation.

C-ourageously and consistently, I pursue my QUEST.

The QUEST refers to Family Tree Quest to which the JOURNALriffic
TM concept is a perfect partner. It is the idea that as we strengthen ourselves in THIS generation, we create a positive influence in our entire family line (our ancestors and descendents). In a day and age when people are seeking meaning and purpose to life, JOURNALrifficTM can help that purpose become increasingly clear. Those who embrace the JOURNALrifficTM method of journaling reap abundant rewards. It's an effort worth making.

Are you ready to JOIN THE QUEST, take the challenge, and make the commitment? Embrace the opportunity. Act now !



 The JOURNALrifficTM Method

(The 4 Steps of Discovery)

After you review the JOURNALrifficTM Challenge and take the JOURNALrifficTM Commitment, you are ready to learn the JOURNALrifficTM Method. It’s quite simple. It’s easy to use, and can become second nature in a short time.

After obtaining a journal that suits your purposes, choose a time of day to write in your journal that can become a consistent part of your routine. (I like mornings before getting ready for the day. Many people enjoy evenings before going to sleep. Others journal during a lunch break. Use your intuition to find what time best for you.)

In preparation, find a quiet place, then mindfully explore your thoughts. See what “shows up” as your greatest joy or greatest concern, etc. for the day.

Keep in mind the 3-fold goals of your Family Tree Quest.  Remember your purpose is a) to glean wisdom from the past, b) live mindfully in the present, and c) prepare confidently for the future. With that in min 

"4 Steps of Discovery".

The steps are easy if stated this way, “OFIR UP Wisdom. Do something specific.” [Note: OFIR is pronounced "offer"]
1) OFIR (State your O-wn F-eelings and I-nner R-esolve without criticism.)
2) UP (Universal Principles. Explore them)
3) Wisdom. (Did you identify the opportunity for personal growth in this experience and use your wisdom to grow personally?)
4) Do something specific (to contribute positively) 

Here are the points in more detail:

First, OFIR (State your Own Feelings and Inner Resolve without criticism of self or others.)  Write the experience that came forward in your thoughts in a way that states the situation without putting others in a bad light. In other words, speak about the situation in terms of .your own feelings and wishes for your own inner resolve. Instead of railing on and criticizing others (which acts like a poison to self and relationships). Remember the only person you have control over improving is YOU, and you are looking to learn wisdom, live mindfully and prepare confidently. As you create change in yourself, others will either resist or adapt. Be respectful and use discretion, but GROW anyway.

UP (Universal Principles. Explore them)  Identify the underlying "principle" or "universal law" that was either used effectively or violated. (examples: common courtesy, kindness, compassion, love, longsuffering [suffering as a result of someone else’s choice], unselfishness, etc.).

Third, Wisdom. (Did you identify the opportunity for personal growth in this experience and use your wisdom to grow personally?)  Decide what opportunity for your own learning lies within the experience. (Did you take offense and react inappropriately yourself? Did you respond with calm tones and respectful words instead of hollering like you wanted to do? Did you have compassion and show kindness to someone in distress? Did you take time for a child instead of shooing them away or ignoring his or her need? You get the idea.) Speak only for YOURSELF, taking responsibility for your OWN actions.  Align your personal learning with a universal principle and base your future actions on the wisdom gained from the experience.

Fourth, Do something specific (to contribute positively). Decide specifically what you will do to contribute positively to the situation now or one like it in the future and write it down as a commitment. Act upon it.  Set your intention to receive other ideas, insight and strength that will help you to continue to grow.

After using the “4 Steps of Discovery”, always express gratitude for the growth that challenges have the potential to bring or for the welcomed feelings in the experience you wrote about (joy, peace, tenderness, safety, security, etc.) . After that, NOTICE even the small steps toward a happier life.

If you do a little better each day as you purposefully and mindfully strive toward personal growth, that’s wonderful. If you get off-track, record your thoughts again the next day, and slowly and steadily there will be insight and improvement of your own situation through the clarity that comes through writing your thoughts on paper. It's amazing. It works.

Are you ready to take the “4 Steps of Discovery”? I say, "the sooner the better"!

Put the "4 Steps of Discovery" into action!



Disclaimer: Please remember that information contained here is provided as an informational resource only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.] 

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