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Are you seeking mental and emotional renewal
while you reduce your stress?

Are you ready to:
Silence your inner critic
Show up for yourself
Access a self-paced class
Get sustainable results
Stop dysfunction in its tracks
...and more.

Let me help you:

Begin to end the battle that goes on in your mind.

Understand more clearly why you feel stuck, scattered
or have trouble moving forward

Know why change IS entirely possible,
in spite of past emotional or spiritual wounds.

Discover what lies within your own control now,
to help you move beyond the thoughts
that can thrash you self-worth and lead to self-defeat.

See how your own thought patterns, habit patterns and
family patterns affect your stress levels
and what you can do to createa happier,
more hopeful state of mind-- in spite of
any circumstances in your past.

Why not give it a try?

Yes! Give me access to this Mini-Class. 
I understand that this Revitalize Your Inner Worth:
Get out of the Sludge Mini-Class
includes the complete Introduction (Module 1)
and all the contents of Module 2
that are also found in the upgraded, expanded class.

It is jam-packed with tips and tools to help me reduce my stress
and elevate my thought patterns,
habit patterns and family patterns
in order to create a brighter and
happier future beginning TODAY!

Module 2 even includes these helpful guides,
and much more!

Personal Stress Assessment
Personal Stress Meter
15-second Refresher

Explore the contents you'll receive:

Includes over 5 1/2 hours of life-changing instruction

Module 1- Introduction
Duration: 16:04 (Minutes:Seconds)

Module 2- The letter “S” in S.L.U.D.G.E.
S ee the thought, belief and habit patterns
that are at work in your life
and how they have influenced your beliefs
about your inner worth.
Part1           Perceptions of Reality 27:01
Part 2      INtuition 30:36
Part 3      Present-moment Thinking (Mindfulness) 27:55
Part 4      Inter-relationships:  Perceptions, Beliefs, Patterns  and more … 42:15
Part 5      Family Patterns and more... 46:55
Part 6      The Walking Wounded 28:36
Part 7      Integrating True Principles 31:26
Part 8      Wounded Families, Addiction and more... 1:12:12

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Save $17.02

to this one-of-a-kind Mini-Class.


Are you an individual who could use some help
dealing with self-worth or relationship challenges
stemming from divorce, mistreatment, addiction and/or abuse? 
Then, you'll want to purchase the COMPLETE CLASS.

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