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Global LifeVision Press Release

Global LifeVision Utah Press Release August 5 2011

by Global LifeVision on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 3:32pm

Billionaire Philanthropist Hosts 7 Utah Women To Inspire Students From All Over The World

Vinay Rai, billionaire and philanthropist invites 7 Utah women from Global LifeVision to travel to India this September to train 600 college students originating from impoverished homes from all over the world. The women will travel to the Rai Foundation college campus in New Delhi to teach life skills and inspire a mindset that would allow the students to break the cycle of poverty, abuse, or limits.

The women will then travel to Kolkata to work with the Towards Life Foundation serving over 1000 children living in the slums. There the women will offer healthcare and help open the vision of life’s infinite possibilities. The Global LifeVision team of 13 are from Utah, Texas, and New York and represent various industries in business including: visual media, healthcare, e-commerce, IT, network marketing, humanitarianism, online marketing, and life coaching. The 7 women from Utah are: Ann Webb, Laurie Olson, Becky Mackintosh, Wendi Coccimiglio, Patty Liston, Jamie Dalton, and Danielle Wright.


Utah Contact Information: Ann Webb ann.webb@ideallifevision.com 801 746 9350


Global LifeVision is an organization founded by Ann Webb (Utah), Lisa Walker (Texas), and Laurie Olson (Utah).


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