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JOURNALriffic Feelings and Attributes List

For your benefit, I compiled a Feelings and Attributes list.  Sometimes it's helpful to see a selection of words to help us best describe how we truly FEEL.  It's time to be completely honest with ourselves.  How do we really FEEL?  Making consistent choices to act with integrity as we create our best selves, pays rewards in the area of soul satisfaction.

I hope this list is helpful to you.  The list, obviously, is not an exhaustive list.

aware                     serious                  trusting                  optimistic              vibrant                    devout

intelligent              thoughtful              trustworthy             impulsive              healthy                    spiritual

efficient                  kind                        modest                  self-assured         serene                    faithful

educated               humorous             understanding     sensitive                athletic                    charitable

pragmatic             open                       appreciative          spontaneous        attractive                 humble

aesthetic               cheerful                 romantic                 sentimental          beautiful                  forgiving

open-minded       sophisticated       generous               stable                     spunky                    visionary

alert                        independent         honest                   daring                     strong                     idealistic

methodical           candid                    empathetic            mature                    coordinated           knowledgeable

artistic                    reserved                joyful                       exciting                   responsive            wise

adaptable              tactful                     a peacemaker      calm                        striking                   adventurous

motivated              happy                     in tune                    tenacious               adorable                orderly

flexible                   loyal                        searching              relaxed                    talented                  teachable

inquisitive              thrifty                       prayerful                obedient                 ambitious              inspired

perceptive             dignified                  virtuous                 confident                outgoing                 loving    

persistent              caring                     believing



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