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Put CHRIST into your CHRISTmas

Listen to one audio each day
during the six days leading up to Christmas
as my gift to you.


Click here or click the image above to hear the recording
Begin to think about the question,

"What if the Shepherds did not go to see the babe?"

What if their fear got the best of them?

Think about how YOUR
decisions can affect generations
 for good or ill. And Remember...

Christ is the one who shows us
how to improve--no matter what.

After listening to the recording,

Enjoy these two YouTube Videos
As you listen to this music, I invite you to still your mind, drop your thoughts into your open heart,
and send your gratitude to God for the life and mission of His Son—whose birth we collectively celebrate. 
Feel the unity of those who are also participating with you,
and rejoice in the goodness, and love and glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ,
who paid a debt He didn’t owe, because we owed a debt we couldn’t pay.

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to influence those we love for good.  Let's keep in touch.

Carolyn Murphy (also known as Family Tree Gal)
Guiding you in your journey from heartache to happiness and from conflict to connection
in yourself, your family and family lines.



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