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Carolyn Calton

Carolyn Calton is the founder of Family Tree QuestTM  and is the originator of the ReNew You™ Series  She is the author of the JOURNALrifficTM method of guided-journal keeping and has written for Examiner.com as the Phoenix Genealogy Examiner, and has been a columnist at Destined For Freedom, writing on the topic of Freedom from Generational Patterns.

Using a family tree focus, Carolyn inspires positive generational change and healing in family lines.  Committed to staying spiritually-centered while also addressing temporal aspects of daily living, she stays in touch with information that can benefit the health and well-being of countless people worldwide.  She supports, educates and accelerates powerful, positive growth in individuals for the benefit of future generations.  Using a family tree focus, she helps people live beyond their history and "victim stories" as they embrace a fully authentic, empowered life while developing loving, healthy relationships. 

Known as Family Tree Gal on the Internet, she established a blog www.familytreegal.blogspot.com where TODAY's  ChangeMakersTM can use the free daily prompts to write their own ChangeMaker story and stay committed to their Quest of gleaning wisdom from the past, being happy and living a purpose-filled life TODAY, and preparing courageously and  confidently for the future.

She invites everyone who is serious about leaving their life's story better than they found it,  to embrace being one of “TODAY's ChangeMakersTM ”as part of their life's purpose.  You are invited to JOIN THE QUEST at Family Tree Quest (form at top right of page).   A link to obtain a FREE family tree (her own design) will be emailed to you.  By framing a family tree of any design or size, you will see a daily reminder of YOUR unique role (as a ChangeMaker) in your family line.

Watch for Carolyn's upcoming eBooks, CDs. telecalls and other offers.

For  a listing of all her programs and messages, go to www.CarolynCalton.com

Follow her on Twitter www.twitter.com/familytreegal
Facebook www.facebook.com/familytreegal 
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/carolyncalton 

To see more about Carolyn, click here.

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