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Are you seeking mental and emotional renewal?
Would you like to experience

  • Less stress
  • More confidence
  • Healthier relationships
  • Positive self-development
  • Clarity of your life’s purpose
  • Greater peace of mind

    Step-by-step help is available.

    Ten Minute Treasure Telecalls

    Ten Minute Treasure Telecalls are
    FREE, Live calls and Recorded Messages

    that will support you as you

    * Lighten your burdens
    * Ease your pain
    * Strengthen your worthwhile relationships

    Using the Principles and attributes listed in my ebook
    we discuss Natural Laws / Principles that
    lead to happiness and govern human relationships.

    Our calls will begin in 2016.

    SIGN UP for Early Bird Notifications
    by filling out the form
    at the bottom of the page.

    Our telecalls are completely
    and recordings will be available for a limited time.

You will also be among the first to hear about
the added support offered you though my upcoming

Heal Yourself. Heal Your Family program
along with
ReNEW YOU Membership Circles
and more.

Why should I consider taking the time
to keep the principles taught in
JOURNALriffic fresh in my mind
and use the JOURNALriffic Method of journaling
to help me take focused, consistent steps
toward my worthwhile goals?

The JOURNALriffic guided-journaling method will help you
  • Turn your pain into purpose.
  • Live in alignment with  principles that govern happiness
  • Follow your desires to help, not hurt, yourself and others.
  • Elevate your thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns.

    You may attend the FREE calls without making a purchase.
    I'd love to have you join us.
Why should I know about other support that's available?

Establishing happy, satisfying habits takes some time.
Knowing what to do and how to do it is priceless.

Education coupled with consistent experiences
helps you break unproductive past patterns
as you grow in the direction of
creating much happier results in your life.

Each ReNEW YOU Program will include
group support in a ReNEW YOU Membership Circle.

Upcoming programs and
ReNEW YOU Membership Circles

will help you
  • Create the lasting change you lie awake at night thinking about
    as you

  • Receive support and encouragement.
  • Connect with me or my TODAY's ChangeMaker Guides in a small group setting.
  • Connect with other like-minded people who are beating the odds
    as everyone changes their personal and family history for the better.
  • Cheer each other on.
  • End the isolation of feeling alone.
  • Get sustainable, measurable results with daily accountability.
  • Take consistent steps toward creating more happiness in your life.

Leave your name and email below to receive
as they roll out.
Receive the support and encouragement
you have been looking for.

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Because we are a WORLDWIDE movement of men and women

who are creating positive change, I love to hear where you're from.

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