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Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles

Everyone wants to be happy.

Step-by-step help is available.
JOIN one of our amazing classes within our
ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles.

Breakthrough rather than breakdown!

Silence your inner critic.
Show up for yourself.
Meet one small goal per day.
Maintain balance with other activities.

Our ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles
can support you as you
take 15 or 20 minutes a day
to establish your own renewed, forward-facing habits.

  • Turn your pain into purpose.
  • Live in alignment with principles that govern happiness
  • Follow your desires to help, not hurt, yourself and others.
  • Consistently elevate your thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns.
  • Integrate co-creating your life with God's help into your renewal--
    spiritually, in relationships, and physically.

We are creating proactive, sustainable change from the INside out.

Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle

red_bullet Online Personal ReNEW YOU Coaching and INcouragement.





TODAY’s ChangeMakers Education Classes are always available in the ReNEW YOU Education and Support portal.  With new information you can embrace new healthy interpersonal skills and make INformed decisions for yourself. Explore and implement class information at your own pace, so there’s no need to be frazzled, hurried or stressed.  Different classes are available within different small group membership circles.  Example: The ReNEW YOUIn Search of Self Class is part of the ReNEW YOU In Search of Self small group membership circle.


red_bulletUnique Habit-elevating Software

Many good intentions die a slow death due to lack of consistency, accountability and follow through.
Take consistent action on your self-chosen goals with our habit-elevating software.
Elevate your thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns in order to

  • Stay true to the best in yourself.
  • Safely navigate important relationships.
  • Be a positive influence in your family, family line and others who cross your life's path

Your progress will become clear to you, and charts and graphs will also mark your progress as you meet or exceed your goals.


graph-29709_960_720 pixabay.com free for commercial use.

 feature-1-dailyprogress from academic writing club

red_bulletDaily Check-in Page

With our habit-elevating software, you set your own goals for renewal as you maintain support from your ReNEW YOU Coach and community on your own personal page. Quickly log in each day and answer a few short questions that help keep you on track and give you the consistency you need to make your results last. Overcome negative self-talk and other self-defeating behaviors. Those things you’ve been too busy to take the time for can become a reality for you as you invest a little time and effort in helping and healing the INner you.  End the isolation of feeling alone.  Contribute to the progress of others by adding your uplifting comments on their pages, too.

red_bulletSmall Groups and Forums

Small groups and forums are specific to the classes you are enrolled in.  You will have your own small group (ideally 6-12 people).  Also, you will be part of a small group forum where members of your small group can communicate with each other on topics of interest to all members.  There is also a site-wide forum for anyone else who is enrolled in the same class but who may not be a member of your particular small group—thus expanding your community of support.



red_bulletA Monthly ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough INcouragement Meeting

Retain a monthly sense of support as you ReNEW YOUrself- spiritually, emotionally, in relationships and physically.  Here you can access more support from your ReNEW YOU Coach and extended community.  Additional class information may be added on these calls as well.  By logging in to each ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough INcouragement meeting via the Zoom link that you will receive via email, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access LIVE interaction with Carolyn and other ReNEW YOU members.
  • Strengthen and discuss the attributes and actions that govern happiness and peace within yourself and in relationships.
  • Stay spiritually grounded and connected to God in this topsy-turvy world.
  • Stay actively aware of pitfalls while becoming better equipped to love and serve your fellowmen.
  • INcrease your power to INfluence people for good.
  • Learn what INspiried action steps you can take to be happy and live a purpose-filled life today and also leave your life story as good or better than you found it.
  • Enjoy the Question and Answers time at the end of each call.


red_bulletAccess our limited-time recordings.

If you need to miss a live INcouragement Meeting, recordings will be available for a limited time.


 1- membership- group-42917__340

red_bulletYour membership automatically renews.

On the 28th day of your enrollment, your membership will auto renew, so you don't miss a thing!  It can easily be cancelled up to 7 days before the next session, no problem.


  • End the isolation of feeling alone.
  • Receive online ReNEW YOU coaching, support and encouragement, personally and in a
    small group setting.
  • Access our program-specific, always available classes in the ReNEW YOU Education and Support Portal
  • Connect with other like-minded people who are beating the odds
    while each class member changes their personal and family history for the better.
  • Receive messages of Hope and INspiration in our once-a-week INcouragement calls.
  • Cheer each other on.
  • Set your own specific, manageable, bite-sized personal goals.
  • Take 15 or 20 minutes a day to establish your own renewed, forward-facing habits.
  • Get sustainable, measurable results with daily accountability using our unique and powerful, positive habit-building software.
  • Our software charts your progress, so you can see your patterns of growth.
  • Take consistent steps toward creating more happiness in your life.
  • Shape your future and receive better results in your daily life as you overcome problems by focusing  on solutions.

    Are you ready to take small, manageable, daily steps
    toward turning your personal goals into reality?

    Do you want to elevate your thought patterns, habit patterns,
    and family patterns?

    Are you determined as well as serious?

    See for yourself how our habit-building software will help you finish what you start
    and feel the satisfying rewards of success—each step along the way.
    It is a powerful support as you as you create habits that help, rather than hurt,
    yourself and others so you can leave your life story as good or better than you found it.

    Shall I count you in?


    E.E. Cummings said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

    It’s easier to generate and maintain courage when you have the support of a coach and a community.

    Are you ready to

    red_arrow36  Eliminate overwhelm.

    red_arrow36  Live in integrity with who you really are as TODAY’s ChangeMaker.

    red_arrow36  Interact with your coach who will check in with you and provide comments and INcouragement during the week.

    red_arrow36 Receive small group support as you INteract and cheer each other along.

    Isn’t it time to stop procrastinating ReNEWing YOU?

    IF 30 x 28  your own energy, vitality and zest for life is gone,
    HOW teal 41 x 28 can you really serve those you love?

    IF 30 x 28 you’re hanging on by a thread of hope that your situation can improve,
    HOW teal 41 x 28 will you really create the needed change?

    IF 30 x 28 you think things will change without doing something different,
    HOW teal 41 x 28 will that actually happen?

    Some of TODAY’s ChangeMakers are going through some really tough times
    and could use some support.

    Move into action!
    • Healing and helping yourself IS the way to heal yourself, your family and your family line.
    • Show your loved ones through your actions that there IS a way to create much-needed change.
    • Magnify the power of your personal, positive INfluence.
    • Anchor yourself to sustaining your strength and overcoming fears in this topsy-turvy world.
    • YOURS is the spark that ignites and unites generations of power!

    Are you ready for change?

    • Establishing happy, satisfying habits takes some time.
    • Knowing what to do and how to do it is priceless.
    • Education coupled with consistent experiences helps you break the unproductive patterns of the past as you grow in the direction of creating much happier results in your life.
    • Participating in our membership circles, helps you sustain your positive direction and momentum in an ever-darkening world.
    • Healing is an Investment --an investment in your INner self.

      Let’s have experiences,
      check in every day,
      celebrate our successes together (even the small ones)
      and cheer each other on.

      JOIN a ReNEW YOU Class, complete with a
      Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle TODAY!

      If you long to create powerful, lasting, uplifting habits of
      personal, family, and generational change,
      JOIN me on your own TODAY’s ChangeMaker JOURNEY.

      We each change our life from the INside out.

      And change IS possible.

      Receive the support and INcouragement you’ve been waiting for.
      Move past your fears, distractions. and other roadblocks
      Become a happier, revitalized, renewed YOU!

      Is less than 15- 30 minutes a day too much to IN-vest in yourself?

      YOU may be the catalyst for sustained, positive change
      that your family line has been waiting for.

      Join a ReNEW YOU Class and
      Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle TODAY!

      When you join one of our classes, you
      lock in your membership rate for as long as you continue to
      auto-renew your membership fee with no interruptions.

      Join a ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Class and Membership Circle TODAY.
      I can hardly wait to meet you!

      To your happiness,



      Billing Details & Cancellation Policy

      When you enroll in a ReNEW YOU Class with a Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle, it will confirm that you agree to and understand the following policies:
      • You are enrolling in a membership program/class that has a monthly recurring 4 week (28 day) billing cycle.  After your first payment, your billing cycle for future sessions will be charged your account on the 28th day or up to 5 days before the next start date of the ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle cycle.

      • Your monthly charge is locked in at the amount you were charged when you enrolled until you terminate your membership. To retain your membership after participating for at least a full month, you may put your membership on hold for a $35 a month fee.   If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so by contacting us no later than 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on the Tuesday before the next session starts.  Contact me at RenewYouLeader@gmail.com.  Any requests after the deadline will incur a $35 processing fee. 

      • I will post class and/or policy updates here and on the ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle Education and Support portal.

      • Last updated March 29, 2017.

      *This information you receive is for educational purposes only.  Of course, your results will depend on you and the actions you take, therefore, individual results may vary.

      Disclaimer:  Information on this site is for informational, educational purposes only.
      Visitors to the site take full responsibility for the application of information.

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