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one of our

By subscribing to our
Revitalize Your Inner Worth: Get Out of the S.L.U.D.G.E.
Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle,
you’ve opted in for getting
a ReNEW YOU online class,
guidance, feedback, support,
and the accountability
you need
at a fraction of the cost of private coaching alone.

By participating fully, you'll empower yourself to
move forward consistently with your goals as you
ELEVATE your thought patterns, habit patterns and
family patterns that can be sabotaging your success
and thrashing your self-worth.

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Mark your calendar for our live class,

Propel yourself toward continued success.
Join me for
our first live, guided Class Training
 Thursday, February 28, 2019.
7 p.m. Mountain Time.

Check your time zone for the right time for you.
6 pm Pacific Time | 7 pm Mountain Time | 8 pm Central Time | 9 pm Eastern Time

We'll talk about
how to get the most out of your membership,
we'll experience the Introduction to the class itself
and more.

If you're not able to be there, it will be recorded.

Be prepared with a binder or
something with which to take notes.
Class time will be about 1 hour long
with 20 - 40 minutes, or so,
of instruction.
A question, answer and
discussion time will follow.

The night before your class, I'll send a reminder and the login link,
so be sure to watch your email.

and introduce yourself.
When your membership begins on
February 28, 2019, you'll check in daily.
This is where you will stay in touch with
ReNEW YOU Coach Carolyn and
amazing community of people who are
overcoming self-doubt and fear
and who are beating the odds
in spite of obstacles!

This is going to be great!!!!

I'm excited to join with you as you create positive change
in yourself, your family and family lines.

Watch your email for further before-class details.

Questions?  Contact me at renewyouleader@gmail.com



You have subscribed to a 4-week, 28-day membership.
This gives you access to our unique habit-building questions,
personal online ReNEW YOU coaching, group suport,
and weekly ReNEW YOU Class Instruction
with question and answer time,
and more...

Your membership automatically renews
on the date of your first payment,
so you don't miss a thing!
This covers the upcoming 28 day session.
Your membership can easily be cancelled
up to 7 days before the next session,
no problem.  Contact me at
with your request.
Dates of each class session will be posted
on the schedule within your class portal.

You've saved money and locked in your rate
for as long as you continue
to automatically-renew your membership fee.

See you on the INside.

To your happiness,


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