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on being a member of our
Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle!

Here's your link and password to
the COMPLETE, 8-module class of
Revitalize Your Inner Worth:
Get Out of the S.L.U.D.G.E.!

Watch it at your leisure, day or night.

From time to time, we all have negative chatter
that goes on in our mind--regarding our self-worth.
We often fall into the trap of thinking
we're not good enough or not lovable, etc.
The trouble is, we might begin to really believe those thoughts.

This class will begin to help you
end the battle that goes on in your mind
by helping you elevate your
thought patterns.
habit patterns
and family patterns,
and much more.

To access your class, click the link below,
and enter your password.

Class Training:
Revitalize Your Inner Worth:
Get Out of the S.L.U.D.G.E.


 When you click the link above,
you will be directed to
the ReNEW YOU Training Center
at HealingYourFamily.com.
Don't forget to bookmark that page,
or otherwise save its location,
so you’ll always have easy access.

As a matter of integrity,
please do not share your access information with others.
Your access ends when you end your membership.
If you discontinue your membership and would
like continued access, please purchase the class,
unless you've already done so.

To your happiness,

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