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Free Telecalls

Do you sometimes feel the burdened down by daily living?

Are you busy, yet need some weekly uplift and encouragement in your life?

Do you need an easy solution to help you stay
emotionally and/or spiritually-centered in today's hustle-and-bustle world?

It has been said,
"Ours is the generation that trashes the truth
and treasures the trash."

Let's turn that around and treasure the treasures,
the natural laws and principles that govern happiness and inner peace.
They still work!

Our ReNEW YOU Ten Minute Treasures INcouragement calls

are Live telecalls and Recorded Messages
that will support a sense of community
among those who have desires to

* Lighten burdens
* Ease pain
* Strengthen Worthwhile Relationships

We are creating positive change from the INside out.

Each week in ten minutes or less, I share an inspiring quote or thought
on a principle of positive growth that, when understood and lived,
will help you decrease the stress in your life as well as in your relationships.

Using the Principles and Attributes listed in my ebook


we discuss specific Natural Laws / Principles that lead  to
happiness and peace and that govern human relationships.
By learning and applying these principles,
we actively strengthen ourselves, our families and our family lines.

Our LIVE CALLS will introduce our topic for the month,
and we will stay on the phone together for about 45 minutes
to connect to our community and share our progress
as we lift and encourage each other.
This allows time for a few callers to share
their thoughts about the topic, as well.

Follow my Healing Your Family Blog each Monday
for short reminders and quotes on the monthly topic.

Our calls begin in March 2018.

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Calls take place on the first Thursday of each month
9 am Pacific  | 10 am Mountain | 11 am Central |12 noon Eastern

After calls begin,
you will receive access to the latest recorded message via email.

Playback will be available until the next call is posted.
After that time, the recorded message will be available to
ReNEW YOU Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circle participants only.

To find out more about our
ReNEW YOU Classes
and Joyful Breakthrough Membership Circles
click the red button below.

So remember,
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