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A Gentle Reminder
Through your choices today, you are shaping generations.
I am here to support you.
I help you rise above trauma and return to resilience.

I educate adults and teens over the age of 18
about the effects of exposure to traumatic stress,
I support and help soothe your anxious feelings through ReNEW YOU coaching,
so you can consistently grow in spite of challenges,
I promote individual and family strengths
and resilience in both adults and children.
For the purpose of
helping you interrupt destructive patterns and cycles
so they will no longer be perpetuated.
I teach you how to create sustainable, positive change
on a safe, secure, principle-centered foundation,
so you can build a brighter, happier future
and fill your highest priorities with full purpose of heart.

If you choose to become my student, here’s what you need to know:

My students learn to make sense of their lives and experience that they are safe, lovable and capable.

They learn how to stop the self-criticism and the self-sabotage that thrashes their self-worth.
They learn tools and techniques to put an end to the battle that goes on in their minds by clearing themselves of unproductive or destructive thought patterns, habit patterns and family patterns, so they can break free and rise above inter-generational distress and/or trauma that has impacted their lives.

Class selection:
Revitalize Your Inner Worth: Get Out of the S.L.U.D.G.E.

They learn what personal character traits contribute to strong, safe, secure family relationships, and, in contrast, we can see what detracts from and destroys them.

JOURNALriffic™’s method of journaling, called the 4 Steps of Discovery, helps you lighten your burdens, ease your emotional pain and strengthen your worthwhile relationships.
Follow the steps to consistently help, rather than hurt, yourself and others. Put an end to negative thinking and destructive tendencies in yourself or your family line in order to enjoy more peace-of-mind and happiness--especially if you have experienced the disruptive ripple effects of divorce, mistreatment, addiction or abuse. Proactively develop attributes that strengthen thriving relationships and lead to happiness. Catch the vision of being TODAY’s ChangeMaker in your family line through the power of your positive influence. Zero in more specifically on those things you want to improve upon, so you can leave a living legacy of rising above obstacles in order to create positive growth in this generation.  

Book selection:
JOURNALriffic- Turn Your Pain Into Purpose with 4 Steps of Discovery by Carolyn Calton

My students learn how to develop positive relationship attributes in order to give sincere service to others without losing their own sense of inner worth by “getting hooked”into guilt, confusion, rejection, self-doubt, frustration, resentment and depression. They learn how to “Think and Act” with “Positive Intent”regardless of the circumstances they encounter.

Free Presentation by Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Ron Newsom:          
How to Be of Service Without Getting Hooked                      

My students grow beyond the confusion and hidden heartaches of their past.

Those who have a weak sense of self-identity eventually come to feel as if they have no power or choice.  They often comply with force or manipulation (which is a disguised form of force). This often leads to self-shame and a deep sense of “I’m no good.  I’m not worth much,” etc.

For those who have ever felt lost in a sea of uncertainty, lost without purpose or direction or wandering because they have never been taught the truth about who they really are, I teach them to move forward with added clarity, purpose and direction.

Free Presentation and Class selection:

Dr. Ron Newsom has created a
FREE In Search of Self presentation.

We offer an
In Search of Self Class for those who want to take a deeper dive into the 2 principles of Self-Rediscovery and the sequence of actions associated with those principles, I use the teachings of Ron Newsom, Ph.D. MFT to help you rediscover your true identity so you can create a sustainable, happier, principle-based future.

My students learn how to establish healthy personal boundaries because of their clear understanding what they are responsible FOR and what they are notThey learn how to stay true to themselves while establishing healthy relationships with others.

Using the life’s work of Marriage and Family therapist, Dr. Ron Newsom, I teach them how to:

  • Get safely out of comfort zones
  • Move on to fresh, daily beginnings
  • Release Core Stress
  • Overcome reactive behaviors
  • Reverse unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Develop lasting relationships
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Build healthy interpersonal relationship skills
  • and more ...
  Class selection:
  Heal Yourself. Heal Your Family

My students create lives of meaning and purpose
as TODAY’s ChangeMakers!
Reclaim your energy.
Improve your relationships.
Build a happier life

Turn stress, anxious-thinking, anger and dysfunction
to hope, direction, happiness and peace.

Your INfluence matters!
You may be just the person to create positive change that your family line has waited for.

We are waiting for you.
See our current offerings at www.FamilyTreeQuest.com/Classes.

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Visitors to the site take full responsibility for the application of information.

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